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A Cartoon Jesus

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A Cartoon Jesus in Children's Bible Stories

Children’s Bible Stories In the Sunday school classrooms in which I taught years ago, each weekly lesson had a main idea that we repeated over and over. Platitudes such as “God loves me,” “I am special to God,” and “We are kind to one another” filled the teacher’s manual. Curiously, we did not see “God is angry at the wicked every day.” Unfortunately, twentieth century American Christians more often take our cues from Frobel and Montessori than from the Word of God. If we are to train up a generation of God-fearing Christians, we must change both the methods and. . .
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A Legacy of Honor: Honoring Your Father by Raising Honorable Sons

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Everyone has a path to the good life. God has one too – honor your father and your mother. With this conference two sons seek to honor two fathers, and four men seek to honor their heavenly Father as they consider together their calling to future generations. Join the Honorable Howard Phillips and his son Douglas, and Dr. R.C. Sproul and his son R.C. Jr. in this special event as they discuss a return to honor, and a future filled with blessing. Our prayer is that this conference, and these recordings will encourage and provoke parents to both instill and inspire honor in their children, and that all of us would better honor our heavenly Father, and all those He has placed in authority over us.

Basement Tape #133: Family Economy

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Basement Tape: Family Economy

In the Greek, Economics means Oikos (Household) + Nomos (Rules). The goal is the establishment of guidelines for how something should be done. In this conversation we look at money, chores, responsibilities, gifts, labor, opportunity costs and entrepreneurial activities in our attempt to understand how best to run our households.



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A new movie by filmmaker Colin Gunn on the genesis and nature of government education.

Every Thought Captive Subscription

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Every Thought Captive magazine, April 2017

Every Thought Captive magazine is a monthly publication by Highlands to help Christians think biblically about every area of life.

Taking every thought captive is not a passive process, but an active one. In our articles and regular columns we focus on applying the truth of God’s word to home life, church life, community, and government, because they all belong to Christ. We desire to separate ourselves from the influence of the culture around us while at the same time trying to be salt and light to a dying world.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About “Sensitive” Topics
What if I Don’t Fit In at Church?
So, You Thought Philippians 4:8 Was About the Arts?

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When You Rise Up: A Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling

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Who should teach our children? What should they be taught? What is the goal of education?

Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. provides this unique approach to homeschooling, answering these and other questions. He maintains that education is discipleship; the goal of seeing your children bear fruit, grow in grace, and become more like Christ.

Tending Your Garden

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Denise Sproul, wife of homeschool speaker R.C. Sproul Jr. and mother of eight children, seeks to encourage wives and mothers to be about the business of helping their husbands to exercise godly dominion, and to help raise up in their children godly seed for the building of His kingdom.

This book is now out-of-print. We still have good-condition used copies available for purchase.

College Without Compromise

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Written by: Scott and Kris Wightman

“The most common question among non-homeschoolers is simple enough, ‘What about socialization?’ But the most common question among homeschoolers is this, ‘What about college?’ Do we give up or convictions in order for our child to get a college education? Do we give up our hopes for college because our convictions will get in the way? The Wightmans have given us in these pages not only wisdom, but hope, and joy and direction.” —from the Foreword by Dr. R. C. Sproul Jr.

Basement Tape #109: Homeschooling Redux

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Audio: Homeschooling Redux (Basement Tape #109)

It’s been 108 weeks since we last talked about the subject of homeschooling our children. Our tykes have grown into teenagers. What have we learned in the past nine years? What has changed? What remains the same is that homeschooling means discipleship; passing down your most important convictions to your children and teaching them our holy religion.

Basement Tape #83: Priestcraft

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Jesus is our one High Priest, and praise Him, His atoning work was finished at Calvary. If we seek to imitate our Lord and Savior, then in what way are we in turn called to fulfill a priestly role?

Basement Tape #61: Courtship

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What is courtship? How should it be done? Is there a biblical process we can follow? How do we best prepare our children to marry wisely, and how ought we to lead them through this process? God gave us marriage, and tasked us with raising godly seed. We in turn want our own children to marry wisely, and raise up the next generation of soldiers of the King. Join us as we consider courtship and some fundamental principles of wisdom along the path to the joy of seeing our children marry in the Lord.

Basement Tape #50: Firearms

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This conversation looks at the calling of a man to protect hearth and home from danger, and the folly of delegating the defense of one’s home.

Basement Tape #42: All in the Family

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Audio: All in the Family (Basement Tapes #42)

Like the world around us, we see our families not as a single unit, but as a temporary arrangement of individuals. The family is never more temporarily together than when they come to church. Our programs have programmed out of our minds the very notion of the family. Dad has his Men in the Gap meeting, mom her Women’s Circle. Princess goes to youth group and junior is in the basement watching vegetables on tv. Where did this madness come from, and what is it doing to the kingdom? This conversation seeks to answer those questions, talk about family integrated worship and learning, and to turn the hearts of fathers back to their their children, and to their calling.

Basement Tape #35: Adoption

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This conversation looks at adoption, both as sons and fathers; both our adoption by our heavenly Father, and our adoption of His covenant children here on earth.

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