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Organic Homeschooling (Year 2 Curriculum)

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Organic Homeschooling Curriculum, Year 2

Don’t be Overwhelmed!

Homeschool parents are confronted with a vast array of curricular choices and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Don’t be! The simplicity of Organic Homeschooling solves this dilemma. Organic Homeschooling curriculum provides weekly lesson plans for a full year of education for children ages 3-12. The whole family can learn together with one curriculum, and mom and dad will learn a few things along the way too!

See below for more details about the curriculum and subject areas covered.

Download a SAMPLE of the curriculum HERE!


Is Your House a Hiding Place or a Home Base?

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What should the activity inside our homes look like when those homes are situated in communities where the foster system is over loaded with kids, many who have been abandoned and abused by their very own parents? What should drive our daily schedule when a few steps from our door our helpless pre-born neighbors are being taken to the slaughter in “safe and legal” clinics? What should we be doing with our down time when the powers-that-be decide it is beneficial to the community to steal our neighbor’s property in the name of economic development or threaten his business with. . .
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Giving Spiritual Instruction to Your Kids

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Giving spiritual instruction to your children is a parent’s responsibility. How does the atmosphere of your home help or hinder this? Can this kind of atmosphere be planned or manufactured? What kind of tools can be used for spiritual instruction? What place do storybooks, catechisms, and memorization have? How can we teach our children to apply what they are learning to the life they are living? How can we help our children seek and find biblical answers to their questions? Join Steve and Kara as they talk about spiritual instruction within the family.

Are Your Children Getting Behind?

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Moms are often paralyzed by fears that their children are falling behind. We need to learn to speak truth to ourselves about our families and where our children are at so we can fight those feelings that we are behind all the time. How can you make sure that you are trying to keep up and stay on track with the right things? How do you keep a balance between good goals and what you can actually accomplish? How can you trust God’s arrangement of your circumstances as the best thing for your family even when you feel like you. . .
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Pursuing Knowledge to the Glory of God

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We Have a Lot to Learn The pursuit of knowledge should give us a humility that stays with us our entire lives. First we learn to read and in our visits to the library we read perhaps a great many books but with each visit we see how many more books there are in just our little library that we have not read, much less mastered. In school though we may be the brightest in our class, we know with certainty that we are not an expert in each subject in the manner of the teacher, even if our teacher. . .
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A Creative Way Busy Dads CAN Help with Homeschooling!

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Index card: "Intrepid"

If you homeschool, you know by now that most of the edumakaten’ is done by the mother. Sure, Dad might be the “school” superintendent and most likely he helps with some reading and the occasional shop class but we all know that moms do most of the work. After all, her husband is busy with a 40+ hour work week that can be accompanied by a long commute and occasional work-related travel. My particular situation is a bit different from the nine to five daily schedule. I am able to be home and fill in with philosophy, history, literature, and. . .
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Making Comparisons 2

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Two boys making comparisons of their height.

We all have a tendency to derail and tear apart ourselves and our families by making comparisons. Steve & Kara talk more about comparisons and covetousness in this sequel episode.

Never Coming to the Truth

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Are you always learning but never coming to the truth, never actually making changes in your life and family? It is good to research and ask friends and mentors for advice, but we need to be sure that we seek to implement what we learn.

Each Child is Unique

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Unique young girl with hat and big glasses.

As you look at your children, remember that God made them unique. He made them for a very specific purpose, that there are universal things we hold them to but that ultimately God gives us our children so that we can be sanctified and they can be sanctified.

Dealing with Insecurity

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(Podcast) HomeWise: Building Blocks for Discerning Women

One of the most damaging manifestations of fear in our lives is insecurity. Because we are fearful of the decisions we are making, we often act in insecurity. That is damaging to those around us, particularly to our children, but also to others as we interact with them. When we are fearful and insecure we become defensive, and instead of being able to proceed in faith, we are living in a state of constant defensiveness.

Home Discipleship (Salt Talks)

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Audio: Salt Talks: Home Discipleship (Homeschooling)

In this Salt Talks conversation long-time homeschool parents of 10, Steve and Kara Murphy, talk with the Wallaces and Scherers about the nature and goals of homeschooling our children. They talk about the fears and expectations when getting started, the questions friends and family ask, and how to keep your focus on the most important things. Training up your children in the way they should go is a joyful and sobering responsibility, and one that has eternal significance.

This audio is also available in the Home Education & Discipleship Starter Pack

A Cartoon Jesus

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A Cartoon Jesus in Children's Bible Stories

Children’s Bible Stories In the Sunday school classrooms in which I taught years ago, each weekly lesson had a main idea that we repeated over and over. Platitudes such as “God loves me,” “I am special to God,” and “We are kind to one another” filled the teacher’s manual. Curiously, we did not see “God is angry at the wicked every day.” Unfortunately, twentieth century American Christians more often take our cues from Frobel and Montessori than from the Word of God. If we are to train up a generation of God-fearing Christians, we must change both the methods and. . .
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A new movie by filmmaker Colin Gunn on the genesis and nature of government education.

Basement Tape #109: Homeschooling Redux

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Audio: Homeschooling Redux (Basement Tape #109)

It’s been 108 weeks since we last talked about the subject of homeschooling our children. Our tykes have grown into teenagers. What have we learned in the past nine years? What has changed? What remains the same is that homeschooling means discipleship; passing down your most important convictions to your children and teaching them our holy religion.

Basement Tape #1: Homeschooling

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Audio: Homeschooling (Basement Tape #1)

In this conversation we consider what homeschooling is, or more importantly, what it should be. Jesus says that we are to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s. Why then do so many Christians render to Caesar their children, who bear God’s image? This conversation looks at home education as the calling of God on parents to teach their children the very stuff of life, the glory and grace of our God, and to do so in the context of our lives, testimonies to the glory and grace of our God, encouraging us to speak of these things when we lie down, and when we rise up.

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