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A new movie by filmmaker Colin Gunn on the genesis and nature of government education.

Tearing Down Strongholds

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Tearing Down Strongholds begins with a whirlwind tour of the history of modern thinking. In twelve short pages you'll learn all that you need to know (and more than you'll probably want to know) about the sources and trajectories of the bankrupt philosophies spawned by the Enlightenment. By the end of the first chapter you'll be wondering why would anyone who prides themselves on clear thinking continue to embrace these worldviews which, regardless of their validity, have so clearly led to disaster after historical disaster.

Basement Tape #82: Mostly Modern

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In this candid discussion on the worldiness of the church we consider the influence of both modernism and post-modernism on the broader evangelical church, on the Reformed church, even on our own churches.

Hosted by Elixir 2176