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Giving Good Gifts to the Ungrateful

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Man surprised by the good gifts in his box.

Giving Good Gifts Instead of Acceptable Gifts Most of the residents had been living on the street before they came to our program, drug addicts and drunkards who had made a mess of their lives. They were not a happy crowd, sometimes they were rather wily, some were probably dangerous, but I never really thought about it. They were men who needed the gospel, and I was zealous to teach them, to offer them an amazing gift. I had been working at the rehab for about five weeks when I decided to deal with a false doctrine that was rampant. . .
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Ask RC: Why won’t my pastor preach against abortion?

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Ask RC: Why Won't My Pastor Preach Against Abortion?

Three Reasons I’ve Heard Here are the three reasons I hear most frequently, and two I suspect. First, I have heard from some pastors that the issue is a political one, and they think it necessary to avoid political issues. Some argue that they avoid political issues because they are divisive, others because the government forbids it. They are right on the first count, wrong on the second. Of course every truth divides. Every truth. Preach “Puppies are cute” and the kitten crowd might get upset. Preach “The sky is blue” and the gloomy brigade will demand to know what. . .
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Basement Tape #103: Preaching

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The shepherd talks to his sheep. Sometimes to praise, sometimes to correct, always to instruct. The Word preached is a pillar of our sanctification.

Basement Tape #86: The Care and Feeding of the Shepherds

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They are the men charged with shepherding our souls; they serve us and our families faithfully day after day with little pay and often little acknowledgment. We take them for granted at our own peril for their well-being affects us all. What can we do to care for these men of God? What do they want and need from us? Join pastors R.C. Sproul Jr., Laurence Windham and Mark Dewey along with Jonathan Daugherty as they examine these important questions.

Basement Tape #20: Sir, We Would See Jesus

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Paul resolved to preach nothing but Christ and Him crucified. In this, the third of four on the marks of the church, we consider together what it means to preach Christ. We affirm that we must preach the text, and in context. We affirm that every text finds its yea and amen in Jesus, that He is the Word, that the Bible is His story. We consider as well the right response of the flock to the preaching of the Word, as it cuts away from us all that is displeasing, as it purifies the bride.

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