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Evangelism & No Judgment Zones

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Unwelcome Evangelism The world desires safe spaces be maintained; spaces free of judgment, free of guilt, free of fear and shame. They love sin, and do not want their daily routine jarred by the Word of the Lord. Jesus said, “Unless you repent you will all likewise perish”—He preached a jarring message. When we take God’s Word to the streets we see how disturbing it is to feelings of safety in secular spaces. Worldlings chafe under the proclamation of the only existing remedy for their guilt and shame, and as their consciences are rubbed raw they scorn the ones who. . .
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Where’s the Meaning in Senseless Tragedy?

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Where's the Meaning in Senseless Tragedy?

Disturbing News Nothing remains certain. Politics, economics, and even going to a parade all share the same level of insecurity these days in the minds of people around the globe. Many are left wondering why the world is experiencing such unrest. Why does it seem like the world is unraveling? The answer, in one aspect, is incredibly simple: Everyone is a sinner and we live in a fallen world. But does that mean that there is no hope for having peace of mind? Are the only options to simply wring our hands or distract ourselves through amusement while the lunacy. . .
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Basement Tape #166: The Power of the Gospel

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[Audio] The Power of the Gospel (Basement Tapes #166)

When a society forgets the Good News, bad news lurks right around the corner. As we live under the pressure of an unrighteous culture pressing in, how can we maintain optimism about the power of the gospel in the world today? We can, and we should. Join they guys as they talk about the tremendous power of the gospel to transform ourselves and our world.

Basement Tape #156: The Mission

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Audio: Highlands Ministries Mission (Basement Tape #156)

Why does it seem like the modern church has lost its saltiness? We seem to be ineffective at reaching our culture for Christ. Perhaps that is because we, like the disciples Jesus taught during His ministry, don’t understand how to live like Christians.

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus explains what life looks like when we are living like Christians instead of just being churchy. The ministry and mission of Highlands draws deeply from the teaching of Jesus in this sermon. Join us for this conversation as the Highlands team talks about mission, ministry, and learning to live in a salty way.


Office Evangelism: Improving Your Workplace Witness

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Office Evangelism: Angry man on the phone

Difficulty of Office Evangelism The office. An environment that is challenging in the very best of circumstances. As chaotic and rowdy as a kindergarten class (but without the graham crackers and the much needed naptime) and with the social hierarchy of the playground and some of its cruelty too. Evangelism When You’ve “Blown It” Many of us work in quite difficult situations: highly competitive environments with hostile colleagues or angry bosses, or with pressing deadlines, or for a struggling company. And we find ourselves as Christians in a world that may be, at best indifferent, or at worst, hostile to. . .
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Giving Good Gifts to the Ungrateful

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Man surprised by the good gifts in his box.

Giving Good Gifts Instead of Acceptable Gifts Most of the residents had been living on the street before they came to our program, drug addicts and drunkards who had made a mess of their lives. They were not a happy crowd, sometimes they were rather wily, some were probably dangerous, but I never really thought about it. They were men who needed the gospel, and I was zealous to teach them, to offer them an amazing gift. I had been working at the rehab for about five weeks when I decided to deal with a false doctrine that was rampant. . .
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Basement Tape #148: Why We Go to the Mill

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Audio: Abortion Clinic Ministry, Why We Go to the Mill (Basement Tape #148)

Abortion clinics, or abortion mills as they are more aptly described are one of the darkest places in our culture. In this difficult conversation Dr. Sproul Jr., Rev. Windham and Evangelist Charles Humphrey discuss the pro-life movement, why these “clinics” exist, what kind of people abort their children, and the reasons why Christians should be outside the abortion mills. And not to protest. Preaching and sidewalk counseling is scary, it’s uncomfortable, it’s dangerous and it’s the point in time when a mother, a boyfriend, a father, a grandfather might be most aware of their sin and open to the gospel message.

Giving an Answer

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Audio: Giving an Answer, Sound Teacing Bible Study

The Bible says that we need to be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within us (I Peter 3:15). This command ends with the prescribed delivery method: “with meekness and fear.” That, unfortunately, hardly describes most of our attempts at apologetics. As we live, being salt and light in our communities we will encounter the heathen and we will face this challenge, this opportunity. In Giving an Answer, Dr. Sproul provides four biblical answers to common objections our neighbors may have to biblical faith. These are answers which we can give with meekness and fear.

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