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Is Church Membership Biblical?

By in Highlands Fellow on

Church Building— Is church membership biblical?

What did Calvin Think about Church Membership? In the 20th century, it became common to dismiss the visible church as an unnecessary tradition of men. The modern said, “You don’t have to join a church to be a Christian.” We had become “wise” and discarded the outdated church. Contrary to this, stood Cyprian’s ancient claim, “You cannot have God for your Father unless you have the church for your Mother.” Calvin thought more like Cyprian than the modern individualist, saying, Because it is now our intention to discuss the visible church, let us learn even from the simple title ‘mother’. . .
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The Garden of Good and Evil

By in Highlands Fellow on

It is interesting to note when looking at the account of Adam and Eve in the garden that, before the fall, they had only one temptation to deal with. ONE. Don’t eat the forbidden fruit. Now, we know that the fall had more to do with eating fruit. In fact, one could make the case that pretty much all of the ten commandments were violated either directly or indirectly in that one sin. Summed up, they didn’t care for the limitation placed on them by their Master, and made themselves slaves to another one.As a result, the creation was transformed. . .
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Savorless Salt

By in Highlands Blog on

When we are yet outside the kingdom, before we are born a second time, we suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1). This does not mean we are stupid. It does mean we are foolish. We know what we know but because such knowledge exposes our guilt, we suppress it. We are born again when God the Holy Spirit changes us, replacing our hearts of stone with a heart of flesh, when that same Spirit indwells us, and cleanses us. But we are not changed fully and instantly. We are still dirty. We are still, in ourselves, guilty. And we. . .
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