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Worldly Pro-Lifers

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Worldly Pro-LifersThere are some Christians that are unhappy with Live Action for their tactics. These are the good folks that take hidden cameras into Planned Parenthood offices, spin horrendous stories, and show the world just how wicked Planned Parenthood really is. The objection from some Christians is that these activists are lying. I am far more concerned with the truth they are exposing.

The most recent film has a young lady explaining to the “counselor” at Planned Parenthood that she wants the abortion because the child she is carrying is a girl, and she wants a boy. The “counselor” doesn’t bat an eyelash. And pro-lifers are aghast.

The truth revealed by this hidden camera is not that Planned Parenthood is an evil organization that encourages and provides abortions. No, what is revealed is just how pro-choice we pro-lifers are. That is, our beef isn’t with abortion, but with this kind of abortion and that kind of abortion. We mobilize over partial birth abortion. We pound the pavement for legislation to prevent abortions after a certain point of gestation.  We promote laws requiring killing centers to be hygienic. We wring our hands over sex-selection abortions.

Suppose Live Action had sent in an actress who told Planned Parenthood this story. “I’m a freshman at a Christian college, hoping to go into missions. I was assaulted by a black man. The doctors say the baby has spina bifida, and trisomy 13.  Can you help me get an abortion?” Such a video, of course, would never be made, because there is no audience for it. There is no audience for it because a sizable majority of evangelical Christians who self-identify as pro-life would not be outraged, but would be grateful Planned Parenthood was there to help.

The head of the National Abortion Rights Action League was once asked if she feared that Roe v. Wade might one day be overturned. She replied— “No. Pro-lifers all have three exceptions they insist be protected—rape, incest, and their situation.” We’ve all heard about the woman who agreed to sleep with a man for a million dollars. When he offered her fifty she replied indignantly, “What kind of woman do you think I am?” He explained, “We’ve already determined that. Now we’re just haggling over the price.” In like manner the great majority of the pro-life movement, including National Right to Life, not only supports politicians who promise to protect the legal right to abort babies conceived by rape or incest, but dares to call them “pro-life.” The truth is these folks have already determined they are pro-abortion. They’re just haggling over what kinds of abortions are allowable.

Babies are babies, and were we babes in evil we would know that there are no exceptions. Were we babes we would be repulsed not just by sex-selection abortion, but by the morally repugnant notion that sex-selection abortion is some different thing from any other abortion. Were we babes we would stop trying to “expose” Planned Parenthood. They murder babies. The great horror isn’t that some of their clients want a different sex for their baby. The great horror is that some of their clients are us.