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Why are Protestants Leaving for Rome?

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Basement Tape #145: Swimming the TiberA Surprisingly Common Question

Because of the Tiber river’s association with Rome, “Swimming the Tiber” has over the centuries become Protestant shorthand for converting to Roman Catholicism. Many of us have friends who have crossed this river to Rome or Russia or Greece or wherever their sect of Orthodoxy calls home. Why are they leaving us? Are they merely changing cities or are they leaving the faith entirely?

This is exactly the question discussed in our newest Basement Tape release. Swimming the Tiber is #145 in our series of recorded conversations on topics that range from theology, to culture, to church and family life. These conversations with Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., Rev. Windham and their friends are captured for you here in hopes of helping you take every thought captive to God’s Word. When our thoughts are captive, our lives will change. We will become more simple in our focus and deliberate in our actions. We believe that conversation is education, and we invite you to listen in. Available in CD or MP3 format. SEE IT IN THE STORE

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