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What if You Died Today?

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Woman and young boy standing by grave.

The Business of Dying

Warning! This article is pretty boring. But that is not to say in the same breath that it isn’t vital. Many of the important things in life are a matter of diligence, being consistent, by nature are routine and are not—how shall we say—the spice of life.

But speaking of life, this article is about Your Contingency Plan when your life is over. Recently I had a dear friend, a young friend die suddenly. He was married, with a house full of children, good job, great church, and then he was gone.

I think that in the back of our minds we all plan to leave this life lying in bed with family and friends around us where we will say something profound and memorable and then pass as expected from this temporal life into the next. When my friend died, his wife didn’t even know the passcode for their personal internet connection.

The Family You Leave Behind

You and I need a contingency plan. Wait, scratch that. Our families need our contingency plan whatever that might include: last will and testament, life insurance, the combination to the safe, the password to our computer, what of our personal effects should go to whom, etc.

We all need to consider this as a way of taking care of our family. Death, too, is about life and the living. We leave, but they remain.

Of course the plan could include some last words to those you love. How long would that take? Imagine how precious those would sound and what comfort they would convey. I’m getting convicted and convinced as I type this sentence.

Yep, gotta go. Gonna work on this.

You too. Go on now. Get this done.

Are there things you’ve prepared for your family when you’re gone? Talk to us in the comments below.

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