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Special Offer: Home Education & Discipleship Starter Pack

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Home Education & Discipleship (Starter Pack)

We’ve collected all our best resources for homeschooling families into one place. Introducing the Home Education & Discipleship Starter Pack (now available in our store). This collection includes books and audio resources to help you think about why you homeschool, what you are aiming to accomplish, what your family goals should be, and how to answer many of the tough questions that homeschool parents have as they travel the homeschool journey.

Special Offer in July!

During the month of July we are offering this complete package as our gift to those who join our clubs. Club members support our ministry and regularly receive our print and audio resources via mail or digital download. Highlands Ministries is able to produce resources like these because of the faithful support of our club members. Please consider joining today!

Check out the resources you’ll receive regularly by clicking the links below:

You Get a Tape Club

You Get Everything Club

Home Education & Discipleship Starter Pack Includes:

Audio Resources:

Audio Resources in the Home Education & Discipleship Starter Pack

  1. Homeschooling (Basement Tape #1): A conversation about why we home educate, what the Bible says about what and how to teach your children.
  2. Homeschooling Redux (Basement Tape #109): A conversation revisiting the topic of home education once toddlers have become teenagers. What changed? What stayed the same?
  3. Home Discipleship (Salt Talks): A conversation with seasoned homeschoolers Steve & Kara Murphy and their homeschooling friends on the purpose of education, and how to raise up children in the way they should go.
  4. College 101 (Basement Tape #55): How should we think about college? How should we prepare our children for it? How can we prepare our children to be faithful stewards of God’s kingdom?
  5. College 201 (Basement Tape #56): We consider more of the underlying assumptions, about education, about the good life, about honest labor, that push us in the direction of college.


  1. Books included in the Home Education Starter PackWhen You Rise Up: A Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling by Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. considers who should teach our children, what they should be taught, and the goal of education.
  2. College Without Compromise by Scott & Kris Weightman What about college? Do we give up or convictions in order for our child to get a college education? Do we give up our hopes for college because our convictions will get in the way?

Don’t Miss Out!

Join the club today and grab all these resources and enjoy many more in the months to come!

Check out the You Get a Tape Club.

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