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Simplified Catechism for Toddlers

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Young boy smiling and showing off his Bible.

When my first two children were two and three years old and just learning to speak, I unintentionally began asking them repeat things in stories, or from the Bible to help them stay engaged with the reading and to help remember what we were reading. I would ask them a question and have them repeat what I said in 3-4 beats/syllables. They seemed to like this and I noticed they were catching on, because they would say and mention these things in their evening prayers. To help them further, I decided to write down some of the things we had said to help them later. In other words, I had stumbled upon catechizing my children before I had planned to formally start catechisms. Shortly after that, a father in our church who had children as similar ages, asked some questions about catechisms and I told him what I had been doing with our kids. However, I didn’t have anything formal to give him, so I decided to make a catechism from what I had done and add a few more things. Below is the finished product.

Please remember this was designed to be used for children before even pre-k age. The goal of these questions is to familiarize them with things they hear in Bible readings, Bible stories and from readings, confessions and sermons from the church worship service. This is not meant to replace any of the older and wonderful catechisms of the past, but to possibly be an aid to those with children 2(ish) to 4(ish) years old. The topics covered aren’t exhaustive, but to help parents to train their children in the pre-school years on important truths. I hope this is helpful for you. If you have any questions or need help in using this, let me know.

Questions about God

  1. Who is God? The LORD our God.
  2. What else is God? Nothing.
  3. How many persons is God? Three:
  4. Who are they? Father, Son and Spirit.
  5. What else can we call God? Creator and King.
  6. What is God like? Holy, loving, just and good.

 Questions about God’s creation

  1. What did God make? Everyone and everything.
  2. Who made you? God made me.
  3. How did God make the world? By speaking words.
  4. Why did God make the world? For His glory.
  5. What did God say after making everything? Very good.
  6. What was God’s favorite creation? People.

Questions about the Bible:

  1. What is the Bible? The Word of God.
  2. What is the Bible like? True, beautiful and good.
  3. What do we do with the Bible? Read it and believe it.

 Questions about humanity

  1. Who were the first people God made? Adam and Eve.
  2. Why did God make people? For His glory and our joy.
  3. What did God use make them? From the dust of the ground.
  4. How did God make them? Happy and holy.

 Questions about Jesus Christ

  1. Who is Jesus Christ? Lord and Savior.
  2. Is Jesus God or a man? Both! God and man.
  3. Did Jesus sin? Never, not once.
  4. What is Jesus like? Holy, loving, just and good.
  5. Why did Jesus die? To save sinners.
  6. What did Jesus do for you? Died for my sins.
  7. How many sins did Jesus die for? All of them.
  8. Is Jesus still dead? No! He is alive!
  9. Where is Jesus now? In Heaven, ruling the earth!
  10. Is Jesus coming back to earth? Yes! Yes! Yes!

 Questions about the Holy Spirit

  1. Who is the Holy Spirit? Our Comforter and Helper
  2. Is the Holy Spirit God? Yes, equal to Father and Son
  3. What does the Holy Spirit do? Keeps, convicts and guides us
  4. How long will the Spirit keep, convict and guide us? Forever and ever!

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