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Should I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag?

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Should I pledge allegiance to the flag?I Pledge Allegiance to…what?

It’s not like I really thought about it, but from time-to-time I wondered how a union of States could be indivisible. I guess I thought it was more of an encouraging sentiment, an exhortation. Kind of like Sonny and Cher’s United We Stand: “United, we stand/ divided, we fall/ And if our backs should ever be against the wall/ we’ll be together.” And we know how long that lasted.

So, how did we get to be “one nation (under God, thanks Ike!), indivisible?” And can we be so and boast “liberty and justice for all?” That reminds me of a story…

A band of people intent on worshipping their God, left out of a country of great wickedness which refused to let them worship in spirit and in truth. They were looking for a place where they could be free and where their children would no longer be under the yoke and influence of an ungodly culture.

They didn’t go straight to this “promised land.” As they sojourned, some were lost, some wanted to turn back. Not every heart was true. But God preserved for Himself a remnant that he tried and refined. And when he had the band He wanted, He brought them in. He worked through the faithfulness of a few to bless multitudes!

But the multitudes rested on the accomplishments of the faithful; they became fat and happy in the prosperity so preciously bought by their fathers. (Before we go further, I want to challenge anyone to find me a passage of Scripture that says it’s a sin to be fat or happy.) In becoming fat and happy, they also forgot God. And for that, they were cursed. The vain philosophies they sought after became their reality and it was a judgment poured out from God’s righteous right hand.

What’s the setting for this story? The prediluvian world, 2400 BC? Ur, 2100 BC? Egypt, 1450 BC? Jerusalem, 70AD? Europe, 1500s? Jamestown, 1607? Plymouth, 1620? Philadelphia, 1776? Montgomery, 1861? Bristol, 1996? All of the above.

Forgetting God

Though some of these have not gone the full cycle, we’re foolish to think we’re the exception to the rule. As so clearly communicated in the R.C. Sproul Jr. Principle of Hermeneutics, we mustn’t look at our forefathers and ask, “How could they have been so stupid?” Rather, we must ask, “How am I that stupid?” While we have hope for this world and for the world to come, we must also see that there’s a pattern here.

Even as the Bride of Christ becomes more glorious with every passing hour, we who are unspiritual look at the various institutions with “Church” in their names and cry, “Foul!” We decry Sunday morning entertainment, espresso stations, children’s church, happy-clappy music, and the ever downward trend of those who claim to be Christians who fall into the way the world dresses, and speaks, and divorces, and turns out twice the children of Hell of their pagan neighbors.

Pledging Allegiance to the Government

We do so because we’re myopic. Our world revolves around us, our family, our community, our state, our country, our . . . well, that’s as far as it goes. “Our” country.

We in America cannot see beyond our own borders and continue to pledge allegiance to the flag of the U.S. Federal Government that upholds the “right” of four thousand mothers to hire four thousand doctors to murder four thousand children every day! We sing of the Star-Spangled Banner whose broad stripes are stained with the blood of women who have been sent off to do a man’s job, “defending” their country, only to be raped, pillaged and maimed in the process. We launch fireworks and eat hot dogs and apple pie and sing with Lee Greenwood’s that “at least I know I’m free.”

Land of the Free & Home of the Brave?

But, we aren’t free. We aren’t free to worship… most of our churches ask the government for permission to be exempt from taxes in exchange for not speaking about the evils of that government. We aren’t free to own land . . . we rent it from the local school district, which is allowed to raise the rent when we spend the money to make it nicer. We aren’t free to train up our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord . . . they are compelled to meet the State’s requirements for and definition of “enlightenment.” Even in states where there is “more” freedom to homeschool, we must continually give a defense to family, friends, and grocery store clerks for what we do. And we are not the home of the brave.

Men Must be Brave!

Brave men stand up for what is right. Brave men protect women and children. Brave men refuse to be slaves to anyone but Christ. Brave men defend the widow and the orphan. Brave men fight wars to protect their wives and children; they covenant to provide for their own families, in sickness and in health. Brave men do not sire children by another woman, while their wife yet lives, though in a vegetative state. Brave men do not send their wives out of the home to work for another, their progeny off to the daycare center to be babysat, their daughters to foreign lands to shoot the enemy, and their parents into assisted living warehouses to run out the clock.

Flying the Flag

O, say, does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave? Oh, yes, it does… in our sanctuaries, in front of our churches, from our front porches, from our places of business… but now it’s . . .

O’er the land of the weak…
and the home of the slave.

Pledge of Allegiance & Worship

We worship and pledge allegiance to those who have betrayed us. The answer is not to burn the flag (who does that hurt?), or throw off the restraints of government (God commands us to be subject to them). Rather, we must be men of prayer, repentance, forgiveness; praise, thankfulness and adoration to our King. We must kiss the Son, lest He be angry and we must pray for His deliverance from unjust rulers, for they are there by His decree.

O, God, give us men!

This article was originally published in Every Thought Captive magazine, 2007.

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