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When Salt is not Salty

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“You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has become tasteless, how will it be salty again? It is good for nothing anymore, except to be thrown and trampled under foot by men” (Matthew 5:13).

What is happening to America? In media outlets and other sources, secular and religious pundits bemoan various national trends of cultural and moral decline. While many politicians seek answers in new legislation, tax-cuts, reforms of various social and bureaucratic programs, the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to this issue of cultural decline in the Sermon on the Mount.

Preaching this most famous sermon in the world, Christ referred to His disciples as the salt of the earth. While this title may be lost to many in an age of refrigerators and freezers, the analogy was inescapable for His people. Salt was a preservative for foods such as meat. In order to prevent a premature spoiling of food, the Israelites would season the meat with salt and thus preserve the food. By comparing His disciples to this precious mineral, Christ thus spoke of the Church’s preserving and sanctifying influence upon the culture in which she finds herself. Scripture and church history testify to the benefits of the gospel upon those communities who embrace it. When the Church is faithful, the general moral climate of that community prospers. When the Church descends into apostasy, decay ensues. Salt which loses its saltiness is good for nothing, but to be trampled upon.

Herein lies the real source of the problem as well as the potential answer to America’s cultural decline. The Church in this country is losing her saltiness. And thereby is being trod upon by the depravities of modern cultural life, even as Christ promised.

As one considers the state of our own culture, one sees the veracity of Christ’s own words. We see the decay, the headlines of murder, the rise of teenage pregnancy, the destruction of unborn children. Adultery is glamorized, divorce is accepted, political corruption expected. We Christians have only ourselves to blame for the decline.

We have neglected the means of grace, which keep a Church salty. Consistent expository preaching of the Scriptures is rare. Our sheep are emaciated spiritually for a lack of solid feeding. Though Moses declared the law of God to be our life, few Christians can name the Ten Commandments in order. Such Biblical illiteracy echoes the old prophet’s lament, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.”

Yet, the glaring problems of modern evangelicalism do not stop here. Personal godliness and holiness diminishes as believers become indistinguishable in their lifestyles from their secular neighbors. Hypocrisy abounds even among ministers and their dysfunctional families. It is not interesting that Christians feel compelled to advertise the faith with T-shirts, metal fish, and Jesus paraphernalia, rather than advertising with their whole life?

Christians need to awaken to the fact that the glory is departing from the Church and the evidence abounds in our culture. The salt is losing its saltiness and our society is putrefying like rotten meat.

What can you do? First, you must humble yourself before God. If you have never trusted in Christ as Savior, you must call upon His Name and believe on Him alone for salvation. Christians must seek God’s forgiveness for their sins and repent of them wholeheartedly. You must seek God in His Word, study the Scriptures diligently, and conform the entirety of your life to them. Secondly, you must sit under weekly Biblical teaching and preaching. Thirdly, you must worship God with your family through prayer, the sacraments in church, the singing of Psalms and hymns, and the Word of God.

May God bless us and aid us to maintain our saltiness in this decaying society.



Originally posted at: https://aboydmilleriv.com. Rev. Boyd Miller is a pastor in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and an old friend of Eric’s and Laurence’s from their RTS days. He has been the pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in LaGrange, Georgia for 25 years (www.covenantlagrange.org).

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