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How Not to Be a Doe-Eyed Pro-Lifer

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Saavy looking woman with glasses. (How Not to Be a Doe-Eyed Pro-Lifer)

We have arrived at a defining moment in the pro-life battle. The gruesome reality of abortion is stripped bare and standing before the watching eyes of a horrified America. It has been a long time coming. It should have been obvious, some of us would say, why is everyone so surprised? We are surprised because we have been willingly blind, because we don’t want to take responsibility for what is going on, because we are rarely forced to look at it. David Daleiden and the folks at the Center for Medical Progress have dragged us all directly into Planned Parenthood’s house of horrors and yanked open our eyes. I call them heroes for their courageous action and considerable commitment to shaking us all out of our apathetic haze. Now that we have shed some of our apathy and doe-eyed innocence, what can we do to get involved?

Get Wise

Pro-lifers have been doing pro-life work for more than forty years, and abortion is still legal in all fifty states. Late term abortions are regulated to varying degrees in many states now, but any woman can go down to the local CVS and buy a pill to take care of any potential unpleasantness that might have arisen from last night’s indiscretions. Gives new meaning to the convenience store I guess. Planned Parenthood, most pharmacies, and every abortionist in America are selling convenience and Americans are buying.

We don’t do ourselves or the pro-life movement any favors by ignoring the truthful state of affairs. Planned Parenthood has not betrayed women, they have given women exactly what women are paying them for—dead babies. PP, women, and Americans in general have betrayed the millions of babies who have lost their lives to this barbaric practice. Also, our pro-life politicians are rarely genuinely pro-life. They tend to be more pro-power, pro-grandstanding, pro-themselves, pro-getting-endorsements-from-pro-life-organizations, pro-getting-elected-again; but let’s be honest, they rarely do anything that treats all babies as humans who deserve protection.

It’s time to get wise and stop believing the platitudes poured upon us by politicians and pundits. We know the truth. From the tiniest embryos to full-term fetuses, these are babies—all of them! How they were conceived does not change who they are. Their level of wantedness does not change their personhood. Each one has every bit as much humanity as you and I. When our politicians trade the lives of babies for political compromise we need to wise up and take our votes elsewhere.

Speak Up

Make your voice heard. God’s Word tells us,

Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all the unfortunate. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the afflicted, and needy (Proverbs 31:8–9).

There is great power in speaking the truth, so do not be silent. Our culture of death should be hearing the deafening roar of the armies of the living God. They shouldn’t be able to get away from it. Silence is not an option when the blood of the afflicted and needy is running in our streets. Our streets have been sticky with the blood of the unborn for over forty years. Utilize every outlet you have available to you and open your mouth for the mute.

Use Social Media Effectively

Whether you care for social media or not, we live in a world where it matters. This is the primary way many people get their news and information. Here are four ways you can be a savvy pro-lifer online:

1. Share Often: Sharing content like blog posts, videos, and memes not only puts this information into the newsfeeds of your friends, it also adds weight to the nationwide conversation by telling the social media sites what information is important and what stories to pay attention to, helping to create trending stories.

2. Use Hashtags: Using hashtags adds your voice to the global conversation and can get a topic or story noticed by a much broader audience. Popular ones in this conversation so far are: #PPSellsBabyParts and #DefundPP. It is also useful to take dominion over hashtags started by the opposition such as #StandWithPP or #PPShoutYourStory thereby diluting their message and using their own weapons against them. Check out Doug Wilson’s blog on this topic.

3. Make it Personal: It’s easy to click Share; it’s harder to say something yourself. When you share things online, don’t just share with no comment. Your friends are exactly that; your friends. They are more likely to respond to what you are putting out there when you take a moment to comment about what you are sharing, ask a question, or tell them why you think it is important. If you aren’t talking to people like they are people, don’t be surprised if no people respond.

Amping up the online pro-life battle isn’t just about creating trending topics, it is about talking to real people who really need to have their minds and their hearts changed on this issue. Maybe they have questions, maybe they need encouragement to speak up themselves, maybe they need to hear the gospel, maybe they need a kick in their hindquarters to stop fretting and finally do something. Maybe you can help them with these things if you remember that this is more about national and personal repentance and the changing of the hearts and minds of real people than it is about convincing computer algorithms that this issue is important.

4. Be Persistent: Keep talking about it, keep using the hashtags, keep sharing the videos, blog posts, and memes about the story. Commit to this for the long haul and don’t let the media sweep this one under the rug. Even if the mainstream media continues avoiding the story, you can still make sure it is showing up in the newsfeeds of everyone you know. Social media has put tremendous power in the hands of regular people just like you.

Be Seen

Social media and internet coverage is vitally important to this battle, but if the world we live in is going to change for real our message needs to bust out of the confines of our newsfeeds and spill out into real world action. We need to announce to our communities that this is not merely a problem in a clinic far away. It is a problem right in our own communities. This isn’t just someone else’s problem, it is everyone’s problem. I have been going to the local abortuary to do sidewalk ministry for over two years and countless people that have seen our signage have told us that they didn’t know this killing place was in their own town. A considerable part of our ministry there is simply exposing the evil work that they do, and not allowing them to carry on their killing in anonymity.

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them (Ephesians 5:11)

Evil thrives in dark places. We need to bring the light of the gospel to the women entering these clinics; it is their only hope. We must also create a visible presence for the community that announces to every passerby that those horrors they are seeing in their newsfeeds, those little ones torn limb from limb, are bleeding out right next door to their home, their workplace, and their church. Every day the death toll rises: another boy, and another boy, and #AnotherBoy, and a great many girls too.

Remember the End Game

The goal of all this is not merely to defund Planned Parenthood. Don’t get me wrong, we can and should work vigorously to make that happen. Defunding that wicked representation of what we are as a culture is merely a single step. The end game is to turn the hearts of the people back to their children. The end game is for Americans to take on humility and repentance en masse. The end game is a nation of people so restored and changed by the gospel that we stop sacrificing our children on the altar of convenience and instead give them self-sacrificial care and protection.

We cannot do this alone, for we all have blood on our hands. We have succumbed to convenience and compromise. If we hadn’t, we would not still be entrenched in the battle forty years later. Forty years we have been living with these houses of death inside our camp, but perhaps God has used that time to refine and strengthen His people to do the things we were too scared to do the first time around. When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and to the Promised Land, the people were too fearful to take what the Lord was giving them. They were disheartened by the giants in the land, and so they wandered in the desert for forty dusty years.

We have been wandering in the desert of death and destruction that Roe v. Wade has wrought on our land for too long. We must return to the battle completely trusting in our God who has brought us here. We must learn to be faithful and not compromise, always remembering that our God, who gives life and weaves each of us in His image, leads us. Our culture of death needs the light of the gospel so very desperately, and we are tasked with taking it to them. As we take these steps toward greater faithfulness, let’s give thanks to Jesus who shed His blood to make the Promised Land possible for sinners like us and for our children.

Resources to Get You Started

Getting involved is a difficult step to take, these are merely a place to start. Check out these resources and watch the video below. Start praying about how you can be involved in this very important battle.

  • Follow the Center for Medical Progress and share their content (Facebook, Twitter, Website)
  • Follow Cleaning House & Clearing House to join others in a targeted approach to defund PP from corporate donations (Facebook, Twitter, Website)
  • Follow Live Action for more investigative and undercover content on PP. They have been in this battle for a long time (Facebook, Twitter, Website)
  • Abolish Human Abortion has many useful resources if you take this campaign into the real world. They allow you to use their sign art to print your own signage, and they have assorted t-shirts, tracts, drop cards, and other literature for use in person-to-person ministry. (Facebook, Twitter, Website)
  • Babies are Murdered Here is a fantastic documentary which you can watch for free on their website. They also have tracts for ministry, and feel free to copy their sign design when you are making your own signs. (Facebook, Twitter, Website)
  • Download a conversation on Abortion: Evil in Our Midst by joining our email list now.
  • Download a conversation on Why We Go to the Mill from our store.
  • Download a conversation on Foster Care: Orphans in Their Affliction from our store.
  • Hell’s Best Kept Secret a message by Ray Comfort about sharing the gospel. Well worth a listen, and he offers many other resources for evangelism on his website also.
  • Who Will Stand? The video below is a powerful call to action and bios John Barros and his ministry at the Orlando Women’s Center. Please take a few minutes to watch it.

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