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Because it is my wont to fret and be dissatisfied with my lot—a lot—I have to, HAVE TO, regularly stop and create long lists of all that I’m thankful to God for. And when I walk the dog and it’s quiet, I’ll let my mind wander and express my gratitude for all of the incredible gifts He has given me and my soul will be recalibrated and I’ll see the world correctly once again.

I’m grateful for Lindsay my wife who struggles with chronic illness and yet loves on her children fiercely, teaches them through her kind spirit to love each other and with whom I’m on the same page on all the important matters in life.

I’m grateful for Caoilfhionn, our first born, our miracle baby who loves me more than anyone else on earth and wants nothing more than to have Daddy Dates with me.

I’m grateful for Shire, six, who has a huge heart, has brought all her passions under control through great effort and who lights up each room she enters.

I’m grateful for Cotton, four, my boy, funny, enthusiastic, smart and who will be whatever he wants to be when he grows up.

I’m grateful for Clementine, two, the sweetest child I have, who thinks of others before herself in a most remarkable way.

I’m grateful for baby X who is due later this week.

I’m grateful for my godly parents who pray for my family constantly, who support us financially, who are greatly interested in all our doings and who are always there for great advice or to lend an ear.

I’m grateful for my godly inlaws who selflessly offer their time and energy to host us or serve us and their never tiring devotion to my kids is a blessing and an inspiration.

I’m grateful for our large house that we can afford, for the room to play for the children both inside and out.

I’m grateful for our church and their love for us over the years.

I’m grateful for our elders and their willingness to guard their sheep.

I’m grateful that I live in America and for the freedoms and prosperity that we all enjoy.

I’m grateful for our small town, the lack of traffic, the plethora of restaurants, the friendly folks, the image of Christ that is apparent in so many of our neighbors.

I’m grateful for our financial situation which is up and down and doesn’t give me the security that I covet but forces me to trust God for all that we have and freeing me from the idol of the bank account bottom line.

I’m grateful for Andy, my friend of twenty-four years who calls me daily, who is always on the other end of my calls, who wants to share his life with me and loves to be a part of mine.

I’m grateful for the long days of being a provider, father and husband and the selfishness that is being carved off of my soul, for the joy of being allowed to be a part of the most important Kingdom work of a Christian family.

I’m grateful for the drama and intrigue of sports, the Masters and the NFL playoffs.

I’m grateful for sushi and Coca Cola and Mexican food and Bang Bang shrimp.

I’m grateful that our old cars are still running and have never left us stranded.

I’m grateful for old friends.

I’m grateful for books and movies and Pandora’s streaming music and podcasts.

I’m grateful for Jesus and His work on my behalf and the Holy Spirit who changes me.



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