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Join the Club & Dig Deeper into God's Word

Dear Friends,

Living faithfully before God and under His word in a culture working to tear down Christian families at every turn is a challenge. Our bright hope is in digging deep into God’s word and feeding on His promises for us and for our children. He is faithful.

Highlands Ministries produces resources to help your faith grow, encouraging biblical faithfulness in all areas of life. There is no part of ourselves Christ leaves unclaimed, no area untouched by the truth of His word. The deeper our roots sink into biblical truth the stronger we become for the work of building His kingdom. Highlands Ministries offers two clubs for those who want to dig deeper in 2014. The You Get a Tape club and the You Get Everything club offer many useful resources to feed your spiritual growth.

Start digging deeper, join the You Get a Tape club!

Members of the You Get a Tape club support our ministry with monthly donations of $25 or more and receive these resources:

Sound Teaching—Spirit of the FruitDURING THE MONTH OF MAY ONLY new members will receive the 12 part Spirit of the Fruit Sound Teaching audio Bible study FREE. Regularly $45.00!

Basement Tapes audio conversations (every month)

Subscription to Every Thought Captive magazine (10 issues per year)

A sample lesson from each Sound Teaching audio Bible study (several times per year)

*Tapes have gone the way of the dodo, but this club has not. Our audios are available on your choice of CD or MP3. Members of this club receive resources in the mail or via download every month that will encourage their spiritual growth.

Grow stronger this Spring & Join the Club NOW


Basement Tapes #146: Aliens & StrangersWhat are the Basement Tapes? Basement Tapes are monthly audio recordings on topics related to Christian living. Each Basement Tape is an hour-long conversation among me, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., pastor Laurence Windham and our friends. There are over 140 Basement Tapes already available on subjects as varied as modesty, homeschooling, worship, suffering, immigration, total depravity, voting, courtship and many more. All of these topics come together to form what we call the good life.

Every Thought Captive magazine April 2014 issue on FatherhoodWhat is Every Thought Captive magazine? The aim of Every Thought Captive is to help you think deliberately about your life, family, church and world around you. We really do want to take every thought captive to Christ. Each issue is centered on a theme (the April issue was on Fatherhood), and each column applies God’s word on that topic to different areas of life—family, church, state, community—it’s all covered in each issue. This is a great way to start thinking deliberately.

Want to dig even deeper still?

You can join the You Get Everything club, in which, you receive, every single new resource we produce while you are a member! This includes the full Sound Teaching audio Bible studies, Salt Talks conversations, and any books, DVDs, or curriculum we produce! Find out more about the You Get Everything club HERE.

It is the regular support of our club members that makes this teaching ministry possible, and it is our club members that benefit the most from what we offer. Changing lives is our aim. When we are able to regularly encourage families like yours to joyfully live more simple, separate, and deliberate lives to the glory of God and for the building of His kingdom, we are a success. Join us, and be encouraged in all the Lord has given you to do!

Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr.For the Growth of the Kingdom,

Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr.

p.s. Don’t miss my 12 part audio Bible study on the Fruit of the Spirit. It is our FREE gift to you for joining the club in May, so JOIN NOW!


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