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Christian Health Insurance & Trusting God

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Christian Health Insureance & Trusting God

Health Insurance Insecurity

Last month, my health provider informed me that my family was being dropped from their coverage—nothing personal—we represented just one of thousands of other families who will soon be without health insurance unless we scramble around looking for another company to take us on.

Trusting God

This is, of course, due to politics, and economics, and while much is being debated in those realms, my personal and individual dilemma is this; what makes me feel most secure? Is it an attachment to a large faceless corporation that will cover everything from major medical expenses to co-paying for my prescriptions? Or, the face of my Savior shinning upon me?

Now, you should know I am not against having insurance. I like feeling secure, but most of the time I find myself relying on things that can change, like the strength and health of my body, the faithfulness of friends, having an average intellect, knowing that there are a few dollars in the bank, the promise of the next paycheck, a stocked pantry and freezer, and my abilities as a country boy (I really can skin a buck and run a trout line).

Insurance & Assurance

But, what is the greatest security that my family or any family can have? Is it not the grace of God? Think of it. We have insurance in case anything goes wrong: car insurance for accidents; life insurance for untimely death; health insurance for when our bodies are hurt suffer from accident, ailment, or disease. We even pad our comfort by purchasing extended warranties on computers, cell phones and dishwashers. Some of us even pay for extra protection should our car break down and need to be towed further than three miles. (We are easy marks for that last one—who ever breaks down that close to home?)

And yet, we are told from the scriptures that anything and everything that goes “wrong” in our lives is for the glory of God and works for good for those who love Him. Misfortune is a misnomer for those who live by faith.

Don’t Be Anxious

Isn’t it often that “trouble” is the very situation where the Lord teaches us some of our greatest lessons? And isn’t it “trouble” that we are relying on insurance to help us through? Being insured softens the blow. We must check our attitude. If we are not sufficiently covered are we anxious, afraid, or are we poised to not miss what the Creator of the entire universe is trying to tell us? Our heavenly Father might just want to remind us that, no matter what, we are secure in His hands—as is the whole world. He’s got this covered.

Our greatest insurance is assurance. Jesus, in whom we live and move and have our being, has all power in heaven and earth. The foundation of my faith is: Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me “so stand fast in the Lord, beloved”. (Philippians 4:1)

Christian Healthcare & Tithing

Insurance can be a wise and good financial tool but should never be our main comfort in life and in death.

My advice? Get good, affordable insurance — And tithe. When you give to the Lord through your local church you are declaring to your family and to everyone else where your true security lies.

As Christians, we need to realize that all the earthly forms of insurance pale in comparison to the assurance of God. Whoever or whatever I place my confidence and comfort in outside of God is an idol that I rely on – and make payments to.

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