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Building the Kingdom Together

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Building the Kingdom Together


Highlands Ministries is seeing great progress in 2014! We consider this ministry successful when we hear of lives being changed. All of the teaching resources we work hard to produce are aimed at inspiring more deliberate biblical thinking, and greater faithfulness in the lives of Christian people. This is life-changing, family-changing, world-changing ministry. We would like to continue in this fruitful direction, but we need your help. Please consider joining us in this work by committing regular support to Highlands Ministries. Our regular supporters are the backbone of this work, and by God’s grace, their giving makes much of what we do possible.


What are we doing?

Erika Schanzenbach

Erika Schanzenbach—Marketing & Design

  • Expanding our reach: In January we hired a full-time marketing staffer, Erika Schanzenbach to broaden the reach of our website and our presence on social media. We are excited to have her on board, and look forward to the work we can do in these arenas to build the kingdom.
  • Improving the design and accessibility of our website. We recently went through a major redesign, and continue to pursue better navigation and accessibility to our many resources.
  • Producing new resources: Salt Talks and podcasts are our newest endeavors. The first two Salt Talks on manly friendships are conversations with regular folks working to be salt and light in their corners of the world and are already available. More of these conversations are in the works on foster care, church planting, courtship, and more. We are working to have several podcasts available soon and for free to listeners. These will include R.C. Sproul Jr. on politics and current events, Laurence Windham with reflections on life as a country pastor, and Kara Murphy, wife and mother of 10, with thoughts on being a wife and mother.


What are our goals for all our work?

  • Sanctification. We desire that our teaching and resources help others to be more like Jesus.
  • Salt & light to the world. We desire the grace of God to overflow from our own lives to our neighbors yet living in darkness.
  • Life change. We desire to take captive every area of life to Jesus Christ. In doing this we expect to see our lives, families and communities change in wonderful ways by the application of God’s word to daily life.


 How Can You Help?

  • Join the You Get Everything club by committing to donations of $50/mo, and automatically receive ALL the resources we produce while you are a member.
  • Join the You Get a Tape club by committing to donations of $25/mo. and automatically receive all our new Basement Tapes and a subscription to Every Thought Captive magazine.
  • Make a one-time donation on our donations page.
  • Share. If our ministry has been a blessing to you, share us with your friends and help expand our reach. There are sharing buttons at the bottom of this page as well as all our resource pages to easily share to social media or email. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter and we would be grateful if you would like, follow and share us with your friends on those networks and help us build the kingdom in that way.
  • Pray. Whether you support us in any other way, we would ask you to support us with prayer. Pray that we may be used of the Lord to bring Him glory and that we would be fruitful in our efforts to build the kingdom.

Thank you for considering partnering with us in this work. May we all be people who live more simple, separate, and deliberate lives for the glory of God and the building of His kingdom!

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