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Are You on Good Terms with Abortion? Why Words Matter

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Are you on good terms with abortion?

Friends, we have lost control of the conversation about abortion. It’s our own fault. For forty four years we have not only acquiesced to a wicked and unjust court opinion in Roe v. Wade, but we also adopted the opposition’s definition of terms ensuring our failure. We stand by while millions of our neighbors are murdered and we carefully purge our language of offensive verbiage. We converse in terms of viability, legality, choice instead of humanity, justice, and sin. We beg sinners to love life while refusing to call them to repentance for pursuing death. We peddle faux compassion in place of biblical love while withholding the answers to the greatest needs of our neighbors who are murdering and being murdered.

It is time for this to change. 2017 could be the year we restore uncompromising coherence to the conversation by deliberately reinserting powerfully righteous words into our speech. Here are a few to start with:

Murder. Call it what it is—murder. No exceptions. God’s law says, “You shall not murder.” But we are ashamed of His law so we equivocate and reword and nicen up the language surrounding this issue so that the world will agree we are compassionate. Real compassion remembers that murder is a crime that was perpetrated on a victim who deserves justice and that murderers will be thrown into the lake of fire if they do not repent. To redefine the crime in nicer terms assures injustice for the infant victim and expresses hatred for the murdering mother who must repent if she is to escape a fiery end (more about that here).

Justice. A look at laws across the U.S. shows us that justice is a word that rarely enters the minds of pro-lifers. Laws exist to regulate where the killing may take place, whether the mother must see an ultrasound of the victim, how long she must wait to complete the procedure, which ages of pre-born humans are protected, and the absurdly grotesque orders for how the bodies of the victims must be disposed of. Justice has left the building.

God’s law says, “You shall not murder,” and declares that whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed. That is justice. If we regulate murder instead of outlawing it, we are doing injustice and decreeing iniquitous decrees. We must not be respecters of persons in our lawmaking, creating classes of people who receive justice and those who do not. God is deeply concerned with justice for widows and orphans—we should be too, whether or not they are pain-capable, have heartbeats, are disabled, or were fathered by rapists. Justice isn’t determined based on our circumstances or feelings, it is decreed by God’s eternal Word.

Gospel. We will never win the battle with evil by hiding the cure. It is tempting to argue with the world on their terms, but we drain all the power from our persuasiveness if we do. Those who hate God’s wisdom and instruction love death (Proverbs 8:36). We will not cure our culture’s macabre infatuation with sexual liberty by leaving Christ out of the conversation. The apostle Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16). We should not be ashamed either. Restoring words like sin, judgment, repentance, and faith into the public discourse is desperately needed. The world will call you harsh and judgmental, but this is the vocabulary necessary to speak life to death-loving sinners.

Out of the outflow of the heart the mouth speaks; and we have been uttering injustice, compromise, and worldly compassion for decades. We have been ashamed to speak the truth. How can our actions obey what our mouths are too timid to confess? If we wish to transform the conversation in our generation, we must lead the way in repentance, and the time for repentance is always now.

This article first appeared in the February 2017 issue of Every Thought Captive magazine. Subscribe Today.

  • Sam

    The LORD bless you for using your platform to speak out in such a manner. I plan to share your blog with the Right to Life organization in my county. According to what I heard at their public meeting I attended last fall, they are reluctant to speak to the heart of the matter and use these words as you encourage us to do. In fact, the man leading the meeting argued that since we have the benefit of modern science which decisively settles the whole abortion debate, we don’t have to appeal to biblical arguments any longer to get our point across. I could hardly believe my ears!

    And thank you for speaking out against the obviously discredited pro-life movement strategy of incrementalism, which is a gross compromise of justice, as you pointed out. The mounting death toll tells us this is a monumental failure. Do we expect the child to somehow benefit from the fact that the facility in which he or she is to be murdered is clean, neat, orderly, and won’t sell the body parts? More importantly, do we expect God to give a nod to such measures? One thing is certain: God demands justice. Why should we stop short of that?

    • There is certainly much we need to humble ourselves and repent of. May the Lord, in His lovingkindness, turn our hearts toward justice and mercy.

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