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Teaching Your Children About Total Depravity

Dinner Table Doctrine I recently taught my children the meaning of total depravity. We started with the first word: total. Sitting around the dinner table I explained the biblical truth that there is nothing good in us. Not even a speck. Until God gives us a new heart, our hearts (and toes, and elbows, and eyelashes, etc) are completely bad. There is no innocence, no righteousness, nothing within us as fallen creatures that is pleasing to God. I think that they got it. And I really mean that, about their understanding what Daddy was teaching, but I also know that. . . Read more »

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If Your Theology Doesn’t Transform Your Living You’re Doing it Wrong

We are Forgetful of God’s Word There is a subtlety regarding our interaction with the Scriptures that causes our lives as Christians to be less than they could and ought to be. The apostle James spells this out in no uncertain terms by stating; “Looking at the Scriptures and going your way” is never going to do to and for us what, “looking at the Scriptures as you go” will do. (Read that last sentence again, slower, it’ll make sense.) The difference here is focus. And the focus initiates a transformation. The man who glances at the Word and goes. . . Read more »

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Weapons of Spiritual Warfare

Words of Spiritual Warfare The first question in the Bible came from the devil. Within that question, everything that God had said about mankind and the world was put into doubt. Here was a new voice speaking backwards regarding all that had been thus far spoken forth. And this was the cause of man’s fall. Thorns and thistles burst forth, but also all of the myriad levels of death: leanness of soul, frenetic activity, discontent, bitterness, arrogance, and so on. Adam and Eve enjoyed innocence, intimacy, perpetual youth, fulfillment, and fellowship with God to name a few. They were given. . . Read more »

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The Kingdom of God & Brownies

Kingdom of God Takes Hold It all starts with worship — potent worship. Like a kung-fu ballet or fudge brownies with just enough brownie mix to hold all those pecans together. Let’s face it, if you don’t have something that is worthy of passion then you ain’t got much at all. But once it takes hold, you see life radically differently. There is eternity in every moment. Those words spoken, that opportunity that presents itself, that child, that job, that illness; they all become what they were not before, because you were not who you were before. The world has. . . Read more »

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Living in Community

Living in Community is Hard Work A wise man once said to me that “living in community is hard work.” Longsuffering, humility, repentance and forgiveness are easy when they remain as rhetoric or ideologies. In practice, they stretch us beyond our own strength. But if we truly love one another then we don’t have to work so hard at it. Sins are covered, bones are broken by soft words, feelings aren’t lying around for neighbors to trip on, and everyone is committed to speak the truth in love knowing the vital connection of the two. We are, after all, the. . . Read more »

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A Father’s Plan

Teaching Our Children As a father, I have plans for my children. I want them to be strong of will and full of experience. I want them to be godly. So far they have canoed, hiked, raised goats, fished, kayaked, skied, butchered chickens, rafted whitewater, ridden horses, farmed, traveled by plane, train, boat and subway, body surfed, shot trap, and milked cows. During their entire life there has been a constant flow of people through our home and at times, living with us: students, missionaries, troubled teens, homeless people, seekers, travelers, friends, and acquaintances. All of this was on purpose. . . Read more »

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A Father’s Touch

He had been complaining of nausea all morning and the night before, but without any incident. But soon after the family had settled in for worship, he seemed to be in distress so I asked him if he needed to head for the restroom. Bravely, he said no. I put my hand on his back to let him know that I was aware of his discomfort, and if he changed his mind, I was ready to help. The church that we were visiting that day was on our route home from vacation and was known for great doctrine and beautiful. . . Read more »

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Apocalypse Now?

While recently enjoying the company of another family in our home, the conversation segued from the possible benefits of a college education to post-apocalyptic survival (Maybe I put too many chilies in the beans). As you can imagine, the discussion was stimulating and we had plenty of chips and salsa to munch on so a good time was had by all even though, hanging over our lower/middle-class heads is the threat of a national, maybe global economic collapse. Both of us (the other guy and I) grew up during the Cold War; a time and life overshadowed with the anxiety. . . Read more »

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Rev. Laurence Windham

Rev. Laurence Windham.

Rev. Laurence Windham is a parish pastor at Saint Peter Presbyterian Church in Bristol, Virginia, husband of Angela and Father to Lauren, Alayna, Ethan, Garrett, and Miles. He shares his life at
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