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Judging Others

Judging Others Prematurely C.S. Lewis wrote an essay entitled On Criticism. As an author and reviewer himself he attempts to set some ground rules that the reviewer should abide by. He asserts that one should be careful about casting judgment prematurely. For instance some reviewers assume a fictional work refers to personal or historical events or particular people. Then from his armchair confidently critiques the author’s work without research beyond his assumptions; the public applauds and gasps in amazement at his insight when in fact the reviewer is absolutely mistaken. Why is this? Because, as people we tend to cultivate. . .
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In Defense of the Poor

How to Respond to Beggars & the Poor When we think about the poor and helping them, we have to work through our potentially false notions of who they are, what their actual needs are, and how we can truly help them. Many of us will call to mind the image of the homeless man asking for money as we walk down the street. How do we respond? We could hand him cash and hurry away (praying that he doesn’t buy drugs), we could take him to a restaurant ourselves, or we could walk away without giving him anything. But,. . .
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Here Am I Lord

“There are fewer clinics now than in previous years, which means that more women are going to have unwanted children, which will lead to lots more abuse, and lots more neglect [of those children].” I tuned out the broadcaster as he moved on to the next story. The radio was set to NPR, and I was listening to the BBC world service, which had privileged its listeners with this extraordinary bit of reasoning, coinciding with the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Summing up was simple; in order to prevent the possibility of a future crime, increased opportunity for mothers. . .
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Timothy Hoke

Timothy Hoke.

Timothy Hoke is the winner of cub scout awards, entrepreneurial failure, world traveler, and achiever of many other unimpressive things. These pale against his gratitude to be the husband of one wife and a proud father, simply seeking to live rightly before the face of God.
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