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The Spirit of Christmas Future

It’s too bad that Dickens’ old Scrooge is remembered in terms of “bah, humbug.” I mean, after all he did change, and his latter end was night and day compared to his rough start. I can say the same for myself… In fact, even David prayed that the Lord would not remember the sins of his youth (Ps. 25). Of course, we could say it took some extreme measures in Scrooge’s case, nighttime messengers and all. But wait–didn’t you and I experience messengers of a sort? Yes, the Holy Spirit was involved, but weren’t there some “beautiful feet” as well,. . .
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Rev. Roger Erber

Rev. Roger Erber.

Roger Erber was born and raised in a busy northwest suburb of Chicago. He and his family now enjoy living on a couple of acres outside of the small town of Harvard, Illinois which is known for the statue of a Holstein cow (not made of gold) in the center of town. During WWII the Harvard area was the milk capital of the country. He is married to Maggie and has eight wonderful children, four of whom are married and have given him eleven lively grandchildren, thus far. The house is really hopping when the whole family gets together! Rog has had a diverse "career" from Engineer, Tool & Die Designer, President of Illinois Christian Home Educators, and now - Pastor/Elder of Christ's Church, which is a member of the Covenant Presbyterian Church.
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