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Watch Out, Bread!

I have never seen someone die during the Lord’s Supper. I’ve had a pastor die in front of me while preaching, and someone had a seizure while I was preaching, but the Lord’s Supper goes without a hitch. This observation is important because a text in the New Testament,  upon first reading, seems to say that people should be dropping like flies during the Lord’s Supper. “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty concerning the body and blood of the Lord. Let a person examine himself, then, and. . . Read more »

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Here comes trouble. That’s what I thought when she walked into the room, kids in tow. Not unlike when the young man, arm still full of bands from the hospital, walked in. He still had crazy eyes from the bath salts that put him in the ER the night before. Dozens more; old, young, even children. They sit down and people greet them and engage them and worship alongside them. But we watch our children around the wounded and weary, who walk in filled with hurt. Why? Because sometimes, it spills out. Jack came to our church for many months.. . . Read more »

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Help to Live a Fruitful Life

Attending to the funeral and burial of a parent, as I did last week, does something to you. It violates the way things should be. I imagine everyone who has done this has experienced hard to explain, but very real topsy-turvy feelings that accompany this event. Reflection upon the past, revisiting past pleasures and hurts in your family—this is normal. One such negative memory is of me trying to help my father with something, and him being impatient. I wanted to please him, and being a small lad, I couldn’t do it through strength alone. So I worked hard and. . . Read more »

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Rev. Robert Barnes

Rev. Robert Barnes.

Robert Barnes, with his wife Kim and children, Bethany and Noah, live in Spring Hill, Florida, about 45 minutes north of Tampa. After a stint of writing and editing for 15 years, Robert tired of pastoring pronouns and periods and responded to the call of God to pastor the people at Dayspring Church (PCA) in 2007. He continues to write, as well as coaching soccer and giving music lessons in the community, as he happily pastors those at Dayspring.
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