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The Lord’s Supper — Feast for Sinners

Sundays are for Sinners I love Sundays. My children love Sundays. In fact, they love them so much I’m sure they learned the days of the week so they could know when the next Sunday was coming. “What day is it daddy,” they’d ask. “What day comes next.” Then they would keep asking until they knew just how many days there were until Sunday. I might be stretching it a bit, but they may have learned to count for the same reason. Each week our anticipation rises as we make ready our home for the covenant families who will share. . . Read more »

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Is Evangelism Worth It?

Evangelism Disappointments If you’ve ever found yourself discouraged or beating yourself up over how poorly you handled a situation where you were trying to share your faith, I have sort of an inoculation for you. This is not a license to succumb to the fatalistic tendencies that often prevail among Calvinists. “Since God predestines everything, I’ll play video games all night and skip out on going to our church’s neighborhood outreach.” This is more for the times we do what God calls us to do and things don’t work out the way we pray they will. When this happens to. . . Read more »

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Love One Another & Be a Childlike Church

Love One Another Like the Early Church A few years ago I chided a minister who said he spent forty hours each week preparing his Sunday sermons. I couldn’t imagine how he could justify such a solitary life. “It’s kind of like a father who thinks he’s being a good provider working endless overtime,” I told him. “What the family really needs is a lot less money and a lot more dad. The same is true of you and your church.” But, today, I find I’m a lot more like the man I gave a hard time, and less like. . . Read more »

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Does On Demand TV Leave Time for Good?

Our enemy is tricky He’s been around a long time and he is patient. When you overcome him one way he always returns. He’s not quitting anytime soon, and just when you think you’ve beat him, don’t relax. He’s already found another way. Turning Off the TV More than a decade ago my wife and I decided we wanted a different life for our family than most, so one of the things we did was stop watching television. Turning off the cable and packing away the antenna, we thought, would save us some money, help us keep some of the. . . Read more »

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Don’t Let Them In

Power of Advertising I never understand why a large corporation like Nike would pay Tiger Woods $40 million to basically wear a hat with their logo on it. I tried, but for a while I just couldn’t figure it out. The math just wouldn’t add up. My thinking went something like this. Two million people see Woods wearing his Nike hat during the Memorial Tournament. Of that two million, so many would buy a hat. I even tried to figure how much profit they could make from each hat. On and on I went down the line trying to understand. . . Read more »

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A Golden Opportunity

The Lion is on the move in Myanmar. As the Son of God breaths on the snow-covered hills of what was once called Burma, we can now begin to see lush green meadows crowned with the flowers of faith. Shut off from the rest of the world for many years by a repressive military junta, the work our forefathers began has continued to grow beneath the fertile soils of persecution. Like the beleaguered soldiers of Valley Forge, they have survived the winter and they are ready for battle. With a little help from their friends across the sea, they will. . . Read more »

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Preaching Grace

Hear the words of this preacher. In all thy preaching, preach grace. Preach God’s glorious unmerited favor. Forget her not: neither decline from the words of God’s mouth. Forsake her not and she shall preserve thee (from another gospel); love her and she shall keep thee (from offering another Christ). Grace is the principal thing, therefore preach His undeserving love. And with all thy preaching, preach grace. Do you wish to glorify God? You can only do this by showing God as He is, not as sinful man wishes him to be. Don’t hide His glory behind a veil with. . . Read more »

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Rev. Mark Robinette

Rev. Mark Robinette.

Rev. Mark Robinette, Pastor of Foundation Church near Columbus, Ohio.
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