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In Defense of Mourning and Dancing

As many of you know, Kim, my bride of almost twenty-four years, passed into glory this April after a relatively brief, but intense, struggle with cancer. Besides myself, she left behind six children, all of whom still are at home. In the months that have passed since then, we have started along the road of mourning and grief that R.C. and his children started just ahead of us. Even though we are still relatively new on this path, I have learned a few lessons. First, it is healthy and necessary to mourn. Denial of grief or pain achieves nothing good.. . . Read more »

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The Garden of Good and Evil

It is interesting to note when looking at the account of Adam and Eve in the garden that, before the fall, they had only one temptation to deal with. ONE. Don’t eat the forbidden fruit. Now, we know that the fall had more to do with eating fruit. In fact, one could make the case that pretty much all of the ten commandments were violated either directly or indirectly in that one sin. Summed up, they didn’t care for the limitation placed on them by their Master, and made themselves slaves to another one.As a result, the creation was transformed. . . Read more »

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Rev. Jay Barfield

Rev. Jay Barfield.

Jay Barfield is the former pastor of Christ Covenant Reformed Church, Billings, Montana. Jay is a regular on the Basement Tapes and occasionally contributes a column for Every Thought Captive. Jay has six children and lives in Bristol, Virginia.
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