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The Fearing Father

I have been a father now for twenty nine years. God has blessed my wife and me with ten children. And I am thankful that by God’s grace each one of my children has professed faith in Jesus Christ. And those who are now married are now raising their children to love the Lord, to be recipients of His grace, to cry out for His mercy. And I am humbled when I remember how God has used me as an instrument in bringing the reality of faith in their lives. Fatherhood is Not for Wimps You see, fatherhood is not. . . Read more »

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I Still Do

Marriage Vows Vows should always bring a sense of reservation. They bring a sense of sober contemplation. Taking a vow should cause us to pause and consider who we really are and who we will be. And there are few vows that are more important than the marriage vow. But one of the beauties about the marriage vow is that it involves two parties who make a similar promise, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish for a lifetime. These vows may seem constraining to some because they do indeed call us. . . Read more »

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Six Days You Shall Labor

One thing I strive to instill within my children is an understanding of the necessity of work. For anyone alive, we are commanded by God to be productive, to be industrious, to be those who are not idle, but those who are engaged in some sort of enterprise. The Lord God Almighty has not only decreed this to be a characteristic of all mankind, He even modeled it Himself. The creation account is one that details work, that details labor, that details creativity of the highest nature. The Lord God created the heavens and the earth and all that is. . . Read more »

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Earthly Seraphim

Perhaps the Apostle John said it best, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” This should be the heart cry of the Christian parent, this should be the motivation that inspires our prayers and our actions as we invest in the lives of the children that God has given to us. Sadly, in many evangelical churches the promises of God with respect to our children are often ignored. For instance, we read in Psalm 103:17 that the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His. . . Read more »

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Is the Church Alive Worth the Drive?

I am blessed to serve a wonderful church full of many unique and gifted households. While there is great diversity in our congregation, we also share many important commonalities and goals, one of which is to fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. This is fulfilled in the success of the Great Commission. This common goal impacts the way we worship, the way we fellowship, and even the way we teach our children. While Providence is indeed a glorious church; it is not the Church; and it is not the only church. We. . . Read more »

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Guarding the Garden Without Bruising the Fruit

We live on two beautiful acres in the middle of nowhereIllinois. When God moved us from the concrete suburbs ofKaty,Texasto the fertile soil of theMidwest, we had dreams of a lush garden filled with easy-to-grow vegetables and fruit trees. Though we had enjoyed our backyard garden in southeastTexas, we looked forward to a more extensive agricultural footprint inIllinois. I will never forget the first few gardens we planted after moving here. We dug up a pretty good parcel of land and planted a diverse group of herbs and vegetables. We did all that we could to ensure that the native. . . Read more »

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Rev. James McDonald

Rev. James McDonald.

Rev. James McDonald, Pastor of Providence Church, Peoria, Illinois: He is husband to Stacy and the father of ten children, and grandfather to one. James is also the president of Family Reformation Ministries. Things He likes: The Word of God and the dead guys (Augustine, Calvin, Luther, Edwards, Spurgeon, Whitfield, Van Til, a number of puritans), warm camp fires, a decent Cabernet, walking with his bride.
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