About Highlands Ministries

The Good Life. It's not only possible, it's a promise.

When we talk about the good life, we’re not talking about televangelistic nonsense that beguiles the naive out of their life savings. We are talking about the assurance God gave us when He said, “blessings shall come upon you and overtake you.” This kind of blessing fills us up and then spills out into the world around us.

Sadly, many Christians don’t believe this promise; they think it’s too good to be true. Highlands is out to help change that. Sometimes these blessings aren’t what we first expect, yet we believe the good life is a sure reality for faithful believers and we can’t stop talking about it. We are dedicated to helping others believe the promise and live the truly blessed life—the good life.

Why We Exist

Education is Conversation

Though technology progresses quickly, we believe that people still learn best through conversation. We can access vast stores of information with a single click, yet it is still the Word of God that effects change in our lives. The wisdom of God’s Word is what we need to be the kind of people God wants us to be. Conversation often embeds these truths in our lives in a way other types of learning cannot.

We Never Talk Anymore

We believe that something precious has been lost. We have lost the capacity, or the desire to be involved in one another’s lives, to encourage one another to good works, to live together in a context of mutual accountability. We don’t know how to talk to each other anymore.

Conversation with Purpose

Highlands Ministries exists, to teach the truths of God in a conversational manner and real-life context. Many of our resources like the Basement Tapes and the HomeWise podcast are conversational in style. In this way we apply the truths of God to the realities of life and come away with a more biblical mindset which causes us to live more faithful lives.

We are zealous for the faith, for the kingdom of Jesus Christ, for godly living and dominion, for raising up our children as servant-warriors of the King, for living the good life in all of its manifestations, in times of joy or sorrow, and in times of plenty or want.

We Invite You to Join Us

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