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A Cartoon Jesus by Kara Murphy

In the sunday school classrooms in which I taught years ago, each weekly lesson had a main idea that we repeated over and over. Platitudes such as “God loves me,” “I am special to God,” and “We are kind to one another” filled the teacher’s manual. Curiously, we did not see “God is angry at the wicked every day.” Unfortunately, twentieth century American Christians more often take our cues from Frobel and Montessori than from the Word of God. If we are to train up a generation of God-fearing Christians, we must change both the methods and content of what. . .
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[AUDIO] Parenting Adult Children (Basement Tapes #169)

Basement Tape #169: Parenting Adult Children

We never stop being parents to some degree but our parenting obviously changes as our children mature. How do we parent our children as they enter adulthood within our home and then after they leave it? Join Steve & Kara Murphy, Paul Levine, and Eric Owens for a conversation on parenting children who are all grown up.

Audio: Salt Talks: Home Discipleship (Homeschooling)

Home Discipleship (Salt Talks)

In this Salt Talks conversation long-time homeschool parents of 10, Steve and Kara Murphy, talk with the Wallaces and Scherers about the nature and goals of homeschooling our children. They talk about the fears and expectations when getting started, the questions friends and family ask, and how to keep your focus on the most important things. Training up your children in the way they should go is a joyful and sobering responsibility, and one that has eternal significance.

This audio is also available in the Home Education & Discipleship Starter Pack

Watering Your Child’s Talents without Sinking the Family Ship

How can you foster your kids’ talents and give them opportunities to grow? How can you evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of having one or more children involved in lessons, choirs, arts, athletics, etc? What are some options to reduce the drawbacks on the rest of the family while still encouraging your child’s talents? Steve and Kara Murphy welcome their son Matthew into the conversation on this one.

How Not to Lose Your Faith When Illness Strikes

Haven’t We Done This Before? Have you ever read a story about the people of Israel and thought, “Why are they losing faith again? Didn’t they learn their lesson the last time?” Hi, I’m Israel. Have we met? I thought I had learned the lesson of God’s grace being sufficient in my weakness during my early years of mothering, but the Lord has shown me that I need this lesson again. I have struggled with health issues off and on for many years. With so many pregnancies, it is inevitable to have fluctuating hormones and my body seems to have. . .
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You Have the Power to Build Christian Culture

There are lots of things in life that we cannot define, we just know it when we see it. When Wile E. Coyote sets some birdseed just below a large boulder and plans on dropping it on the Roadrunner, we laugh when it all goes wrong and he himself gets mashed. That’s called irony and few of us can define it but we know it when we see it. Culture is a lot like this. Every one of us humans has a myriad of built-in sensors that let data in, both as a way of offering protection, but also for. . .
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Distracted woman. "Dealing with Distractions" (HomeWise podcast)

Dealing with Distractions

Are you a distracted mommy? How can you keep distractions from taking over your days and keeping you from accomplishing what you set out to do? Listen in as Kara Murphy talks about dealing with the endless distractions that derail our best-laid plans for being HomeWise.

Home Education & Discipleship (Starter Pack)

Special Offer: Home Education & Discipleship Starter Pack

We’ve collected all our best resources for homeschooling families into one place. Introducing the Home Education & Discipleship Starter Pack (now available in our store). This collection includes books and audio resources to help you think about why you homeschool, what you are aiming to accomplish, what your family goals should be, and how to answer many of the tough questions that homeschool parents have as they travel the homeschool journey. Special Offer in July! During the month of July we are offering this complete package as our gift to those who join our clubs. Club members support our ministry. . .
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Home Education & Discipleship (Starter Pack)

Home Education & Discipleship (Starter Pack)

This collection contains all of our best resources for homeschool educators. If you are a seasoned homeschool parent you will find much encouragement for your journey. If you are new to home education, or just starting to think about it, you will find answers to many of your big questions: What about socialization? What does the Bible say about education? What if I can’t teach my children everything they need to know? What do we do about college?

This collection includes 5 conversation style audios on homeschooling and college, and two books that will help you think through education decisions for your family whether they are toddlers or teenagers.

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Building the Kingdom Together

Building the Kingdom Together

  Highlands Ministries is seeing great progress in 2014! We consider this ministry successful when we hear of lives being changed. All of the teaching resources we work hard to produce are aimed at inspiring more deliberate biblical thinking, and greater faithfulness in the lives of Christian people. This is life-changing, family-changing, world-changing ministry. We would like to continue in this fruitful direction, but we need your help. Please consider joining us in this work by committing regular support to Highlands Ministries. Our regular supporters are the backbone of this work, and by God’s grace, their giving makes much of. . .
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Tailoring Your Teaching to the Gifts of Your Children

Ducklings & Eaglets — Tailor Your Teaching to the Gifts of Your Children

Parenting Unique Children One of the most delightful aspects of parenting is observing the distinct differences between children. Ten times the Lord has allowed Steve and me to meet a new person created from the same raw materials, a child of the same man and woman. Each one is unique. There are some similarities, for sure. I often call Jonathan “Matthew” because he looks so much like his brother at this age. At church, one look determines at a glance that “that is a Murphy,”except for maybe Gabriel. Even within this tight genetic pool, that fellow looks completely different from. . .
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Ultrasound photo

Pregnancy: Carrying a Baby with Spina Bifida

Steve & Kara talk about their child (still in the womb) being diagnosed with spina bifida. How have they seen God’s providence and care during an uncertain time? How are they making decisions and thinking about the future knowing their child is likely to have physical challenges his whole life? See how you can help the Murphy family during this time HERE.

Holiday Stress

The Murphy family loves Christmas…no, they really LOVE Christmas! Kara talks about some things that help her get through the holiday season without getting stressed out. In the middle of the busyness are you remembering what it is all about? How can you check your attitude? How can you assess when to keep doing activities and traditions and when to let things go? How can you keep track of it all? What do you do about budgeting?

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Why do we think that sickness is preventing us from living out God’s best plans for us? How do you deal with loss of control over things you used to be able to manage? The Murphys welcome special guests Mark & Andrea Robinette once again as they discuss how to deal with all the difficulties of illness when it is mom that is sick. Kara and Andrea talk about what to do when your health keeps you from doing all the things you desire to do? How do they care for their families and various responsibilities while struggling with illness?. . .
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(Podcast) HomeWise: Building Blocks for Discerning Women

Making Comparisons

Our culture pushes us to judge ourselves against others, but this can be a dangerous habit. Join Kara and Steve Murphy as they talk about how you may be sabotaging your own family by making comparisons, and share some personal experience on how to break the comparison habit.

Hosted by Elixir 4035