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Should we allow abortions to save the life of the mother?

No. Neither should we allow bank robberies, kidnappings nor terrorist attacks to save the life of the mother. The truth is that abortion has as much to do with saving the life of a pregnant mother as a bank robbery does. An intentional abortion is a self-conscious decision to take the life of an unborn child, and that is never, never necessary to save the life of a mother. Challenging Situations We talk this way, however, because we live in a world which sometimes produces deep challenges. Since the fall of man we have all been conceived dying. Medicine, however,. . . Read more »

Why are evangelicals guilty of one in six abortions in America?

Christians Can & Do Murder Before I offer up my thinking on the why’s, two things need to be said. First, the source of this statistic is here. Second, while we cannot know the hearts of others, it is important to understand that murder is not beyond a true believer. David, a man after God’s own heart, committed murder in order to cover up the adultery he committed. We Christians are reborn, indwelt, and we do in fact grow in grace. In addition, we do not practice gross and heinous sins. We do, however, from time to time, commit them,. . . Read more »

Seeing the Humanity in Abortion-bound Women

Seeing the Humanity in Abortion-bound Women

Abortion Zombies I see dead people. The ones who haunt me most however, are the ones I don’t see. Though it happened twenty-five years ago I still begin to sob as I remember that day where I prayed and sang outside an abortion mill in Jackson, Mississippi. For the first time I watched a pregnant woman enter a building carrying a baby in her womb. A few hours later I saw her walk out, and wretched as I grasped the horror that her baby was now in the trash. I saw the dead mother, a walking zombie. But I never. . . Read more »

Mini-Conference—Abortion Clinic Sidewalk Ministry

Join Us Day: Thursday, February 6 Time: 6:00-9:00pm Location: 571 Highway 126, Bristol, TN, 37620, Seventh Day Adventist building. Directions HERE. What: Abortuary Ministry Mini-Conference with Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., Orientation & Training with Evangelistic Minister Charles Humphrey & Babies Are Murdered Here film viewing Why Should I Go? If the thought of sidewalk ministry in front of the local abortion mill is intimidating to you, you’re not alone. This mini-conference put on by Saint Peter Presbyterian Church in Bristol Tennessee is FREE and open to all who would like to attend. Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. will be speaking on. . . Read more »

Ask RC: Why Won't My Pastor Preach Against Abortion?

Ask RC: Why won’t my pastor preach against abortion?

Three Reasons I’ve Heard Here are the three reasons I hear most frequently, and two I suspect. First, I have heard from some pastors that the issue is a political one, and they think it necessary to avoid political issues. Some argue that they avoid political issues because they are divisive, others because the government forbids it. They are right on the first count, wrong on the second. Of course every truth divides. Every truth. Preach “Puppies are cute” and the kitten crowd might get upset. Preach “The sky is blue” and the gloomy brigade will demand to know what. . . Read more »

Ask RC: How open should we be with small children about great evils like abortion?

As a lifelong homeschooling dad I’m used to the charge that I am guilty of “sheltering” my children. (My response to the accusation is simple- what are you going to charge me with next, feeding and clothing them?) I’m not ashamed to shelter my children. I was still a boy when my own father bestowed on me what he called “Patriarchal Principle #1”- You don’t have to live in a garbage can to know it stinks. So my children do not consume mass media as freely as many of their peers. They don’t know what sexting is, nor do they. . . Read more »

Should Christians Protest at Abortion Mills?

Ask RC: Should Christians protest at abortion mills?

Yes and no. As I have argued here, there are some fine reasons why Christians should be a constant presence at their local abortion mill. It is true that different believers, even different churches have different callings. Trouble is, too often we “feel called” to that which is most comfortable, most respectable. If there are ten churches within a five mile radius of the local mill, and everyone of them supports Bible study programs for successful businessmen something is wrong. Just remember that both the priest and the Levite had some thriving ministries to get to back in Jerusalem as. . . Read more »

Ask RC: May women preach at abortion clinics?

Of course not. Not only may they not, but they can not. They are not permitted to, and they are not able to. They may not preach because preaching is a function of those called to that ministry, those who rule in the church. And Jesus tells us that women are not to teach in the church and are not to rule over men in the church (I Timothy 2:12). It is, however, precisely because they may not that they can not. To be more clear, preaching is the authoritative exposition of the Word of God, given from one with. . . Read more »

Ask RC: Why Won't My Pastor Preach Against Abortion?

Ask RC: Why won’t my pastor preach against abortion?

Here are the three reasons I hear most frequently, and two I suspect. First, I have heard from some pastors that the issue is a political one, and they think it necessary to avoid political issues. Some argue that they avoid political issues because they are divisive, others because the government forbids it. They are right on the first count, wrong on the second.  Of course every truth divides. Every truth. Preach “Puppies are cute” and the kitten crowd might get upset. Preach “The sky is blue” and the gloomy brigade will demand to know what you have against grey. . . . Read more »

Abortion: Pro-Lifers and the Art of Compromise, part 2

In politics we are told, the art of compromise is brought to bear fruitfully in the struggle between parties and opposing ideals. The cherished hopes of right and left, conservative and liberal, are often fought under the precept that everyone must give a little in order to reach an agreement. Compromise then, is seen as almost an ideal, something for which to strive in the effort to rule well. Those who are unyielding, who refuse to shake hands at some center, are viewed as obstinate perfectionists who are playing at a game wrong for them. Those rare few are thought. . . Read more »

5 Reasons the Church Stands Guilty Over Abortion

Five Reasons The Church Stands Guilty Over Abortion

It is my conviction that too often those of us who think ourselves prophetic are actually cowards. One can easily enough, in the evangelical church, earn a reputation for boldness by railing against the sins of either an unlistening world, or the church down the street. We stand in the streets of Jerusalem pronouncing God’s judgment on Nineveh. Or we preach against the sins of Jerusalem while safe in Shiloh. Trouble is, my prophetic words against safe prophetic words are safe; they will generally find welcoming ears. That is, no one who reads me making this case is likely to. . . Read more »

Roe v. Wade—40 Years and Counting (to 55 million Abortions), part 1

After 40 years of public battles over this American holocaust there is no end in sight. Pro-life (or ostensibly pro-life as we shall see) activists have lobbied, picketed, introduced legislation, worked on committees, and in general made noise for their position. Entrenched against the pro-life advocates stands the unyielding pro-abortion crowd. As we enter this fifth decade of battle it seems fitting to consider, or more wisely perhaps, to reconsider, how better to structure our resistance. Now, the very word resistance indicates a passive or defensive position. No one who is advancing in their cause uses the word resistance. Resistance is what. . . Read more »

Ask RC: What kind of people walk into your local abortion mill?

There are any number of common myths, lies we tell ourselves, to somehow make it all seem not so horrible. The first lie is that the clientele at the local mill is made up of sweet faced high school girls who got carried away with their boyfriends, and come in blissfully ignorant of what goes on inside.  There are people at the mill that fit this description, but they are exceedingly rare. The second lie is that they are women in hopelessly desperate straits that see no other way out. The boyfriend has threatened to beat her if she doesn’t. . . Read more »

Ask RC: Should Christians refuse to pay taxes when they are used to finance abortions or other great evils?

Taking Abortion Seriously It is one of my great passions, the desire to see me, and the evangelical church take the evil of abortion more seriously, to have our hearts more deeply broken, and our actions more faithful. We have all, I fear, come to accept the status quo. We are content to vote for Republicans hoping they will give us justices that will slow down the horror. What we are generally unwilling to do is go through any kind of hardship to stop abortion. When I am asked about this, should we stop paying taxes, I am at least. . . Read more »

5 Reasons You Should Go to Your Local Abortion Mill

Five Reasons You Should Go to Your Local Abortion Mill

I know it is a scary thought. I know it is outside our comfort zone. And so at best we pray for those who go, those spiritual super-heroes that are better than we are. At worst we get angry at them for making us feel guilty. Going to the mill, however, will not save your soul, will not assuage your guilt. Jesus did that. If you will go, however, you will no longer fear, but will know that He is with you, wherever you go. Here then are five reasons you should go, pray, speak. First, you should go to. . . Read more »

Ask RC: Is it just to kill abortionists?

Yes, and no. Yes it is just for the state, which has been given the power of the sword as God’s minister of justice (Romans 13), to put to death those who take it upon themselves to commit murder. Abortion is murder. Those who perform it, and those who procure it, in a just society, would receive the strongest civil penalty there is, death. Both, of course, like the rest of us, can and are forgiven by their Maker if and when they repent in Christ. The many millions of Christians in the church who are tainted by guilt on. . . Read more »

Ask RC: Is abortion ever permissible?

No. Abortion, whether it be surgical, or chemical, or even a hormonal means to avoid implantation of the unborn child, is always wrong. It is the taking of the life of a judicially innocent human being which is not only wrong, but an abomination. Most of you, I suspect, are already persuaded that abortion for frivolous reasons is wrong. Many of you, however, likely also have a list, longer or shorter, of exceptions to that rule. The easiest one to deal with is the health of the child. Some of you may believe it fitting to abort an unborn child. . . Read more »

Ask RC: How much weight should our opposition to abortion carry in our voting decisions?

God calls us to think His thoughts after Him. That means all of His thoughts. That is, we ought to have a sound and biblical view on everything the Bible touches on. Where it touches on political issues, we are called, again to have sound biblical views. We need to think biblically about what is just war and what is not. We need to think faithfully about taxation, and the size and scope of government. We need to think through what obligation, if any the state has to protect property, to protect our lives. That said, there are precious few. . . Read more »

Ask RC: How much weight should our opposition to abortion carry in our voting decisions?

God calls us to think His thoughts after Him. That means all of His thoughts. That is, we ought to have a sound and biblical view on everything the Bible touches on. Where it touches on political issues, we are called, again to have sound biblical views. We need to think biblically about what is just war and what is not. We need to think faithfully about taxation, and the size and scope of government. We need to think through what obligation, if any the state has to protect property, to protect our lives.

On Human Cruelty & Selective Outrage

On Human Cruelty & Selective Application

Cruelty in Iraq & the Middle East I have seen none of the pictures. I have no position on the accuracy of the stories. If it is true that Muslims in the middle east are beheading children it is indeed heartbreaking. What there is little doubt about, that Muslims in the middle east are beheading adults, “marrying” little children, waging a wicked war, persecuting believers, I sadly concede is real. I share with those believers who are brokenhearted the same broken heart. I write today with no interest whatever in lessening the sickening nature of what is going on over. . . Read more »

Is There Hope for a Culture in Decline?

Evidence of a Culture in Decline With Western culture in decline, it’s easy to lose sight of the progress of Christianity. In our near-sightedness, we look at the downward turn of our culture and run around like dispensational Chicken Littles screaming “The Rapture is coming! The Rapture is coming!” We forget that just 500 years ago, the “ancient” Aztecs and Mayans were slaughtering their own people and those they captured by the millions. Even 400 years ago at what became Jamestown, the Powhatan empire was a murderous, heathen, idolatrous, hedonistic, polygamist culture. And yet, God was pleased to bring forth. . . Read more »

Justice Loses in the Game of Politics

In the Game of Politics Justice Loses

Majoring on Minor Offenses There’s no question that it’s bad form. The trouble I have is with objecting to bad form when the function is so wicked. Last week the President flew to Texas, and took the opportunity to meet with Governor Rick Perry about the border crisis. In several photos of the meeting we see a stern, perhaps disgusted looking Governor watching as the President was either smiling or laughing. In addition the governor was publicly displeased that the President didn’t take time out of his schedule to visit the border. One could certainly argue that the President failed. . . Read more »

Abortion: Those Who Hate Me Love Death

Those Who Hate Me Love Death

Us & Them The idea of antithesis has a long and honored history in the church, going back one could argue to the Garden of Eden. There God, in light of the wreckage our first parents made, promised to put enmity between the serpent and the woman, between his seed and hers. The world truly is divided into two kinds of people. Much of my labors on the antithesis, the things I write and speak on, looks at the antithesis as an imperative. Thus I encourage people to live more deliberate lives, thinking through our choices that we might be. . . Read more »

Ask RC: Are evangelicals pro-life?

Are evangelicals pro-life?

What I Mean by Pro-Life It’s not a trick question. You won’t find in what follows a specious argument that to be pro-life one must oppose the death penalty, or embrace pacifism. By pro-life, in this context I mean committed to the notion that the murder of the unborn is not only wicked, but ought to be illegal, like any other murder. I know we like to think we’re pro-life. But I’m afraid we’re fooling ourselves. Evangelicals are Procuring Abortions First, one in six abortions in America is procured by a professing evangelical. That means that if only professing evangelicals. . . Read more »

Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. Speaker & Teacher

R.C. Sproul Jr. what do you love to teach about?

Typecast Speaker Though I have from time to time been typecast, sometimes as the family guy, others the economics guy, and still more, the suffering guy, I am blessed to be called to speak on a number of different themes. I speak at pro-life events, theological conferences, apologetics gatherings, homeschool conventions and more. I am grateful for all those opportunities, and I pray that I always speak from a position of biblical passion. That said, and not wanting to close off any opportunities outside of this sweet spot, there are some things I get more excited about than others. R.C.. . . Read more »

Audio: Abortion Clinic Ministry, Why We Go to the Mill (Basement Tape #148)

Basement Tape #148: Why We Go to the Mill

Abortion clinics, or abortion mills as they are more aptly described are one of the darkest places in our culture. In this difficult conversation Dr. Sproul, Rev. Windham and Evangelist Charles Humphrey discuss the pro-life movement, why these “clinics” exist, what kind of people abort their children, and the reasons why Christians should be outside the abortion mills. And not to protest. Preaching and sidewalk counseling is scary, it’s uncomfortable, it’s dangerous and it’s the point in time when a mother, a boyfriend, a father, a grandfather might be most aware of their sin and open to the gospel message.

Words, Meanings, & Gender Neutral Pronouns

Words, Meanings, & Gender Neutral Pronouns

Gender Neutral Pronouns Deconstruct Language In a 1981 essay on abortion titled A View of Abortion To Offend Everybody, Catholic doctor and novelist Walker Percy laments the “fobbing off of rhetoric” in the abortion debate. He also laments, particularly because he is a novelist, the “chronic misuse of words” that colored the debate at the time, and still does. Percy considers it his duty to maintain the validity and fidelity of words, as a writer who “trafficks in words and meanings.” This defense of rightly understood and articulated language within social and spiritual debate by pro-lifer Walker Percy concerning the. . . Read more »

Love Your Neighbor, Fear Your Government

Love Your Neighbor, Fear Your Government

Does the Government Love Your Neighbor? Author R.J. Rummel has calculated that the twentieth century was the deadliest in history, with war casualties more than twice the murders perpetrated by civilian criminals. As shocking as that number is, it is eclipsed by the number of citizens who died at the hands of their own government, an estimated 262 million. Wait, let’s look at the actual number: 262,000,000 victims of democide in one hundred years. We don’t have actual numbers because it was illegal in the US until the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, but shall we add the 39,430,800. . . Read more »

Here Am I Lord

Here Am I Lord

“There are fewer clinics now than in previous years, which means that more women are going to have unwanted children, which will lead to lots more abuse, and lots more neglect [of those children].” I tuned out the broadcaster as he moved on to the next story. The radio was set to NPR, and I was listening to the BBC world service, which had privileged its listeners with this extraordinary bit of reasoning, coinciding with the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Summing up was simple; in order to prevent the possibility of a future crime, increased opportunity for mothers. . . Read more »

Who’s Your Daddy?

Darkness of the World This past weekend Ligonier Ministries hosted its annual conference, the theme being “Overcoming the World.” I was blessed to hear some amazing preaching, as with every year. Voddie Baucham reminded us of our three great enemies, the world, the flesh and the devil. Robert Godfrey spoke on our call to stand, as our father Athanasius did before us, contra mundum, against the world. We talked about the evils of abortion, the stunning rout of the homosexual lobby is shifting public opinion. I am not leaving the conference, however, squinting to find a silver lining around the. . . Read more »

Thieves in the Temple

Rhetoric is a dangerous thing. Not only can we use over the top language to inflame the heart and blur the mind, but perhaps even more often we use soft language to dull the heart and ease the mind. My friends at Babies Are Murdered Here have found their simple message a powerful one not because it is incendiary language, but because it is plain and straightforward language. That it jars on the ear is proof of our own spiritual drowsiness. Thieves in the Government When in the past I have argued that the government is a den of thieves. . . Read more »

Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows

Preaching the Gospel at the Gates of Hell All is not actually fair in love and war. And the enemy of my enemy is likely not to be my ally. Two days ago I had the occasion to speak to a group of pro-lifers on ministering outside abortion mills. My desire was to explore how the gospel is what is needed at the gates of hell. I wanted folks to understand we are not there to protest, to affirm, “We oppose what you are doing. We are offended, and we insist you stop.” Neither, however, are we there merely to. . . Read more »


40 Years of Abortion Debate Rhetoric is a slippery device. Sometimes we use it to obfuscate, sometimes to clarify. Sometimes, however, our attempts to clarify betray us, and we end up obfuscating. For over forty years now Christians have entered into debate on the abortion issue. We brought the wisdom of God’s Word. We brought the latest information from genetics. We brought profound moral philosophers. We wrote learned journal articles, engaged in nuanced debates. We thought we were fighting for life, but is it just possible that the devil was successfully turning our labors into policy conundrums, political fodder, even. . . Read more »

Basement Tape #66: True Religion

Weekend FREE MP3—True Religion

FREE Weekend MP3 Download—Basement Tape #66: True Religion Highlands Ministries offers a free download of Basement Tape #66, a conversation on true religion. It will be available for free today through Sunday. Don’t miss it! DOWNLOAD FREE MP3 What is True Religion? James says that it is to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained by the world. This is the very wisdom of God. And we foolishly miss it. We live in a culture that not only leaves the care of orphans and widows to the state, but abandons the most defenseless among us,. . . Read more »

Loving God's Law & Legislating Morality

Loving God’s Law & Legislating Morality

by Rev. Marion Lovett Legislating Morality The law is good. Application of the law is good. In fact, we have to apply the law in order to keep it. In addition, I believe our government ought to legislate morality. For either it will legislate morality or immorality. After all, we do support outlawing abortion. Don’t we? Sabbath breaking, like murder and abortion, was an offense that required capital punishment in order for justice to be met. So legislating Sabbath morality is good. God blessed Nehemiah when he did this (cf. Neh 13:15-22). The problem, however, comes when we go beyond. . . Read more »

Babies Are Murdered Here movie

Babies Are Murdered Here—41 Years of Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade—41 Years of Abortion Today is the 41st Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal in this country. Also today, Crown Rights Media, released their long-awaited film, Babies Are Murdered Here (watch it below) in which Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. is interviewed extensively as one of those who has been a tireless voice for the unborn. This film is a journey into the darkest corners of our culture where Babies Are Murdered . . . Here. Few are willing to go to these dark corners to do anything, to say anything, to even. . . Read more »

Hosea: Sound Teaching Bible Study

Hosea Bible Study — New Release!

Hosea, the latest in our Sound Teaching Bible Study series is now available in our store. This study helps give us a right perspective on what we are really like, what Jesus has done for us, and how astonishing the gospel really is. The story of the gospel is not that Jesus, the knight in shining armor, came to save the beautiful princess. Instead, that He came to rescue, and remake, the ugly hag. In this study of Hosea we explore God’s loyal love for His wayward people. And we will stand on the sure and certain promise that He. . . Read more »

You Can Have it All — Join the You Get Everything club!

You Really Can Have it All

You Get Everything club Here at Highlands Ministries we are thankful for our ministry partners who help make possible the work that we do for the glory of God and the building of His kingdom. Our best supporters are people like you. Families who are encouraged and helped by the resources we produce. One of the most helpful ways that these folks support the ministry is by becoming members of our You Get Everything club. This club is a win win. Regular monthly support helps us to be able to plan our year, and allows us to focus our efforts. . . Read more »

Basement Tapes complete collection

The Basement Tape Collection

We are offering all 150 of our Basement Tapes housed in a handy car/boat/RV/plane carrying case, or for those who like to pack light, they are available as MP3 download.

Believing education is conversation, we gather monthly to have a conversation on topics related to the good life. Pastors R.C. Sproul Jr. and Laurence Windham along with their friends and special guests enjoy a stimulating conversation on a wide variety of topics relating to the Christian life. We have done this 150 times so far on subjects as varied as Tobacco, Games and C.S. Lewis (see the full list below). We also get more strictly theological in our “Alphabet” series on Theology. Some have said that these conversations are upsetting. Others life-changing. A few have said they are both at the same time.

When we seek answers from the Bible we are often surprised and upset to realize that our lives, our choices, our opinions differ, sometimes radically from its prescriptions. Because we swim in the water of our prevailing culture we get wet. Because we fail to separate out what our neighbor does from what we do we get off track. Because we have not been encouraged to look to Scripture as God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work, we look elsewhere. And become unsalty.

We want to change that . . . together. For the glory of God and for the building of His kingdom.

Simply, Separately, Deliberately: An Interview with R.C. Sproul Jr.

Simply, Separately, Deliberately: An Interview with R.C. Sproul Jr.

Tabletalk: How did you become a Christian, and how did you receive the call to ministry? R.C. Sproul Jr.: I was raised by my parents in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. For that I am eternally grateful. Though I had a number of conversion experiences, my last while a student in high school, I never remember a time that I did not believe the Bible was God’s Word, that Jesus was God incarnate, that He died for our sins and rose again. Having turned to Christ’s work, and committed my life to His rule, I still did not perceive myself to being. . . Read more »

Secure Investments

The Sermon on the Mount is tough to swallow all at once. Though what we have recorded for us in Matthew 5–7 is significantly shorter than the sermons most of us are used to, it is on the other hand rather more rich than what we are used to. It is chock full of what could be discreet, independent units worthy of a lifetime of study—the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, the exposition of the law of God, our calling to be salt and light. While I have not yet reached a full lifetime of considering this sermon, I have now. . . Read more »

Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game

It is, of course, no game, but is instead as intense, as ugly, and as earnest as sin. The devil, however, eager to protect games, ugliness and sin, wants us to forget what is at stake. He wants us to think we’re engaged in issues of mere strategy. He wants us to weigh and calculate, which, of course, is to give up the war. But babies are at stake. I was, just days ago, driving down to the Orlando Women’s Center. I knew that when I’d arrive my friend and hero John Barros would be there. He’s always there. With. . . Read more »

Blood in the Streets

Blood in the Streets

How prone we are to miss the drama. The tyranny of the urgent, the plainness of our patterns, and our propensity to look inward rather than outward all push us to regard our callings, our surroundings, and our souls as rather dull affairs. We read of the great upheavals of history, then find ourselves scraping the burnt remains of casseroles off dishes. We watch Hollywood make believe about terrifying invaders from outer space, then go home to balance our checkbooks. We, according to Jesus, construct foolish drama by worrying about what we will eat or what we will wear while. . . Read more »

Kids These Days

Kids These Days

Teenage Years It’s a funny thing about slippery slopes—you can slide down them slowly. The principle behind the concept isn’t that you must move swiftly from here down to there if you have no moral brakes, but that you will move. A slippery slope with a gentle incline will have just as much slippage, though sliding to the bottom may take more time. Consider the music our children listen to. My grandparents, I’m quite certain, were rather troubled by their children dancing to what we would now consider the positively clean music of Elvis. Between generations came the Beatles, who played. . . Read more »

We Have Met the Axis of Evil

We Have Met The Axis of Evil

It is my habit to challenge my brothers and sisters who spend time and energy denouncing this form of abortion, that reason for abortion, or the other context for abortion. The problem with late term or partial birth abortions isn’t late term or partial birth, but abortions. The problem with sex selection, multiple reduction or Down Syndrome abortions isn’t sex selection, multiples or Down Syndrome, but abortions. The problem with unsafe, unsanitary abortions in run down, unregulated buildings is not unsafe, unsanitary, run down or unregulated. The problem is abortions. The problem isn’t when, why, or how, they are murdering. . . Read more »

All Who Hate Me Love Death

All Who Hate Me Love Death

It is pandemic in the church. We tote our Bibles around. We affirm our commitment to the Word’s inerrancy. We may even read it faithfully. This, however, is well short of believing what it says. We still have to deal with our propensity to diminish the plain teaching of the text, to metaphor-phosize the text into oblivion. God says something straightforward, but shocking, and we turn it into something vapid, safe. Consider, for instance Proverbs 8:36b-All those who hate me love death. Jars the ears, doesn’t it? To make it more palatable we have a few options. First, we can. . . Read more »

Ask RC: Why do you write?

To make manifest the kingdom of God. My goal is change, to change me, those who read my pieces, and the world. My desire is that I, and those who read my pieces would become more like Jesus. And that the pieces themselves would show us who He is. Writing changes me, as it is at my keyboard that I do my best thinking about what matters most to me. Pieces are usually birthed while I am doing something else, taking a walk, buying groceries. But those nascent thoughts mature, become seasoned at moments just like this. Writing both listens. . . Read more »

Ask RC: Should Christians be patriotic?

If ever there were an illustration of the importance of defining our terms, this would be it. I suspect we all operate with a rather broad range of meaning for patriotic. No one, I suspect, would embrace a pure posture of “My country, right or wrong. My country.” Nor would any believer simply suggest that we are at liberty to hate our neighbors. The trouble is that, just as we think those who hold us up on the highway are pokey and those who pass us are maniacs, so we are tempted to think that those who are less patriotic. . . Read more »

5 Reasons Bloggers Use Numbered Lists in Their Posts

5 Reasons Bloggers Use Numbered Lists For Their Pieces

We’ve all read them, and some of us have written them—those catchy little blog pieces that promise sometimes to give us 5 of this, or more boldly THE 7 of that. Perhaps like me you have puzzled over this numeric pandemic. So this morning I’ve been thinking it through, the whys and the wherefores, and thought my answer would make a nice blog post. Here then, they are: 5. To get you to read the piece. Bloggers write to be read, and when we see a pattern emerge chances are the bloggers will at least believe that following the pattern. . . Read more »

Good Day to You?

Good Day to You?

Emotions, generally speaking, do not come unmixed. Silver linings come equipped with clouds, even as clouds have silver linings.  Today Orlando Women’s Center, that particular gate of hell where I have, along with friends and family, proclaimed the message of Christ to baby killers, closed its doors. The day began with the police arriving. They cordoned off the building, even inviting my friend and hero John Barros who proclaims Christ there every weekday, to hang the police tape. They then loaded up furniture, paintings, and the tools used in the dark art of murdering babies on trucks and drove off,. . . Read more »