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Are You on Good Terms with Abortion? Why Words Matter

Friends, we have lost control of the conversation about abortion. It’s our own fault. For forty four years we have not only acquiesced to a wicked and unjust court opinion in Roe v. Wade, but we also adopted the opposition’s definition of terms ensuring our failure. We stand by while millions of our neighbors are murdered and we carefully purge our language of offensive verbiage. We converse in terms of viability, legality, choice instead of humanity, justice, and sin. We beg sinners to love life while refusing to call them to repentance for pursuing death. We peddle faux compassion in. . .
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Abortion: Evil in Our Midst (cover) Basement Tape #152

Basement Tape #152: Abortion, Evil in Our Midst

Abortion is a sin that runs deep in our nation. It is not only in the world, but in the church. In this conversation we focus on what makes the sin of abortion peculiarly evil. We consider how the silence of the church on the practice of abortion and sexual sin has contributed to the problem. We consider the injustice of this practice and the dangers of seeing abortion as a political issue. What can be done about this evil and are there legitimate reasons to remain uninvolved in this battle? Join us for a conversation about the Evil in Our Midst.

Mini-Conference—Abortion Clinic Sidewalk Ministry

Join Us Day: Thursday, February 6 Time: 6:00-9:00pm Location: 571 Highway 126, Bristol, TN, 37620, Seventh Day Adventist building. Directions HERE. What: Abortuary Ministry Mini-Conference with Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., Orientation & Training with Evangelistic Minister Charles Humphrey & Babies Are Murdered Here film viewing Why Should I Go? If the thought of sidewalk ministry in front of the local abortion mill is intimidating to you, you’re not alone. This mini-conference put on by Saint Peter Presbyterian Church in Bristol Tennessee is FREE and open to all who would like to attend. Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. will be speaking on. . .
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Ask RC: Why Won't My Pastor Preach Against Abortion?

Ask RC: Why won’t my pastor preach against abortion?

Three Reasons I’ve Heard Here are the three reasons I hear most frequently, and two I suspect. First, I have heard from some pastors that the issue is a political one, and they think it necessary to avoid political issues. Some argue that they avoid political issues because they are divisive, others because the government forbids it. They are right on the first count, wrong on the second. Of course every truth divides. Every truth. Preach “Puppies are cute” and the kitten crowd might get upset. Preach “The sky is blue” and the gloomy brigade will demand to know what. . .
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Abortion: Pro-Lifers and the Art of Compromise, part 2

In politics we are told, the art of compromise is brought to bear fruitfully in the struggle between parties and opposing ideals. The cherished hopes of right and left, conservative and liberal, are often fought under the precept that everyone must give a little in order to reach an agreement. Compromise then, is seen as almost an ideal, something for which to strive in the effort to rule well. Those who are unyielding, who refuse to shake hands at some center, are viewed as obstinate perfectionists who are playing at a game wrong for them. Those rare few are thought. . .
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Roe v. Wade—40 Years and Counting (to 55 million Abortions), part 1

After 40 years of public battles over this American holocaust there is no end in sight. Pro-life (or ostensibly pro-life as we shall see) activists have lobbied, picketed, introduced legislation, worked on committees, and in general made noise for their position. Entrenched against the pro-life advocates stands the unyielding pro-abortion crowd. As we enter this fifth decade of battle it seems fitting to consider, or more wisely perhaps, to reconsider, how better to structure our resistance. Now, the very word resistance indicates a passive or defensive position. No one who is advancing in their cause uses the word resistance. Resistance is what. . .
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The Many Faces of Mission

The Church looks upward when she worships God, inward when she seeks to build up the Christian community, and outward when she seeks to draw others into the Church. When we talk about this outward mission of the Church, we tend to talk the most about evangelism and international missions, which are certainly essential and important parts of the Church’s commission to disciple the nations. But these aren’t the only ways that the Church interacts with those outside. When we limit our understanding of mission to evangelism and missions, we run the risk of leaving certain good works undone and. . .
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Don’t Give Evil a High-Five

Avoiding Approval of Evil Evil demands your approval and it does not rest until it finds your level of complacency. It utterly ignores your disavowals of members of the evil genus and continues to press for approval at the species level. Evil doesn’t mind your hatred of categories as long as you make allowances for instances; “I know you’re against abortion, but surely not in cases of rape, right?” Evil loves to empty words of their meaning. Evil keeps changing the subject. Evil constantly blurs the lines. Evil will quickly stoop to deception, as long as it can get you. . .
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Be True {A Girl’s Guide to the Good Life}

The Devil is a liar, the father of all lies, and every minute we spend wallowing in unbelief of the truths of God, we spend swamped by the lies of the devil. The supreme Liar will ooze falsehood, it is all he contains. Our Father, however, is true in all His being. Jesus promises us that His truth will lift us out of the soggy mire. If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.—John 8: 32 Here’s the thing. We all know. . .
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[Audio] Should Christians Resist Tyranny? (Basement Tapes #167)

Basement Tape #167: Should Christians Resist Tyranny?

When a high-level of government acts unlawfully or outside its jurisdiction, how and when should Christians resist? Join Steve Murphy, Steven Warhurst, Erika Schanzenbach, and Eric Owens as they talk about Supreme Court rulings such as Obergefell v. Hodges (homosexual marriage) and Roe v. Wade (abortion) and how these types of rulings can be righteously resisted. They consider the doctrine of interposition and the doctrine of the lesser magistrates and how our understanding of these things could revolutionize how we think about and do politics.

Reader Favorites—Top 15 Blog Posts of 2015

2015 has been a great year for Highlands! We have worked to bring you helpful and insightful content from writers new and old. Here you will find the best of the best as chosen by our readers. Take a scroll through our top fifteen most read posts from the past year, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for the start of 2016.   1. How Not to Be a Doe-Eyed Pro-Lifer By Erika Schanzenbach We have arrived at a defining moment in the pro-life battle. The gruesome reality of abortion is stripped bare and standing before the watching eyes of. . .
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What is the Future of Christian Film?

What Should Christian Film Look Like? Jesus is king, but somehow kingdom entertainment still sucks. I could talk about books, music, and the like, but there’s enough to complain about with just the movies. Sentimental stories. Bad acting. Heavy-handed moralizing. What are Christian films supposed to look like? What will Christian film be like when we are further up and further in? Maybe if we knew the trajectory, we could start taking steps in the right direction. Not to be simplistic, but mature kingdom entertainment will be, in a word, good. Great; what does that mean? I remember my professor. . .
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How to Be a Judgmental Christian

Must We “Judge Not”? If there were one declaration that the world thinks ends any moral argument with a Christian, it would have to be judge not. They think they’ve really got us with that one since it comes right out of the Bible. This is easily the most often heard epithet hurled at us from moving vehicles as my friends and I stand for life at the local abortion clinic. Well, that and the well-reasoned argument of, “Get a job!” This exceedingly compelling employment advise aside, the world doesn’t like it when we speak unpopular truth, and there are. . .
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Is Pro-Life Ministry a Christian Duty?

“I’m pro-life, but I’m not called to pro-life ministry.” Have you heard this before? Maybe you have said it yourself. I understand how you feel. I never envisioned myself as a political activist or a street evangelist and I have only engaged in the abortion battle in recent years myself, and yes, it is a battle. I won’t subject you to descriptions of pro-life ministry that are all marshmallows and sunshine. Pro-life ministry doesn’t always carry with it the fresh scent of rosy baby skin, it often reeks of death and decay and makes your heart ache for the state. . .
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How Not to Be a Doe-Eyed Pro-Lifer

We have arrived at a defining moment in the pro-life battle. The gruesome reality of abortion is stripped bare and standing before the watching eyes of a horrified America. It has been a long time coming. It should have been obvious, some of us would say, why is everyone so surprised? We are surprised because we have been willingly blind, because we don’t want to take responsibility for what is going on, because we are rarely forced to look at it. David Daleiden and the folks at the Center for Medical Progress have dragged us all directly into Planned Parenthood’s. . .
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Man speaking with courage.

The 5 Most Dangerous Words You Can Say

“Here am I, send me.” These are quite possibly the five most dangerous words you can say. When God is looking to and fro about the earth asking, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” (Isaiah 6:8), He isn’t messing around and there is only one answer worth giving. Courage to Meet Danger Where there is danger we need courage to carry us out to meet it. Courage is a valiant word; it stands strong come what may. We admire it in others as though it is a special gift from God to some of His people. . .
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Volume 13 of the Basement Tapes conversations

Volume 13: Basement Tapes #143-154

Volume 13 of the Basement Tapes includes another 12 conversations recorded in 2014. We record these conversations monthly. In this series you join Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., Rev. Laurence Windham, and their friends and special guests as they talk more about “the good life.” The 12 conversations included are listed below.

If the Constitution is a Living Document It's Really a Dead Document

If the Constitution is a Living Document It’s Really a Dead Document

A Living Document Might Say Anything A lot of us have complained about the blatant disregard shown by the courts for the Constitution. We read daily of the latest abuses. Protection for abortion was somehow found in the text along with support for welfarism, world-wide militarism, and for a never-ending drug war. Those who have read the founding documents are astonished at each breach of hermeneutical etiquette as the court’s decisions grow ever distant from the original intent of the authors. It seems to me however, that the abuses of language, text, and intent by the courts are all presaged,. . .
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Conservative Fascism

Conservative Fascism

Fascism at Home It’s not fascism when we do it. The not-so-tongue-in-cheek poster showed a Nazi Germany-style “brownshirt” with a GOP armband and waving the GOP flag. They take our taxes at gunpoint (they don’t collect your 1040 at gunpoint? Try not paying it) to fund programs that undermine and destroy the family; they require us to pay them to ride behind the wheel in our own property, they “let” us incorporate our churches so they can have a tax break and then tell them what they can preach. They force our children to get vaccinations to diseases that are. . .
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Is Gossip as Depraved as Sodomy?

Is Gossip a Sin as Depraved as Sodomy?

The Results of Depraved Thinking Those who forsake God are forsaken by Him. This truth is proclaimed throughout Scripture, and is especially clear in our text (Romans 1:28-32) and the verses which precede it. When a person or a people suppress the truth in unrighteousness (v. 18) and do not honor and give thanks to the LORD (v. 21), when they exchange the glory of God for idolatry (v. 23) and truth for a lie worshipping the creature rather than the Creator (v. 25), in a word, when they refuse to acknowledge Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the one. . .
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