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  • Count the Cost of a Faithful Life

    Count the Cost

    Count the Cost of Following Jesus When was the last time you heard of someone witnessing like this: Pick up your cross/noose/electric chair and follow me. Die daily. Sell all your worldly possessions and follow me. If you choose to say that Christ is Lord you will not know a moment’s peace the rest of your days which will be few by the way. Apostles Suffered The apostles were such evangelists. And they then suffered the fate that they warned about. They were persecuted, beaten and ultimately killed. Only John died a natural death. The rest were crucified, burned, stoned. . . Read more »

  • Is it appropriate to serve communion to shut-ins?

    Is it appropriate to serve communion to shut-ins?

    It is most certainly appropriate for the elders of the church to serve communion to members who are, for health or other reasons, unable to attend the gathering of God’s people on the Lord’s Day. Before we get to how and why, however, let me list a few caveats. First, the sacraments are given to the church, and are under the authority of the local church. We ought not, if we are shut in, arrange a private communion ceremony on our own. Neither should a non-elder, except perhaps in the most dire circumstances, serve communion to a shut in. Common. . . Read more »

  • Lay Aside Lazy Parenting

    Lay Aside Lazy Parenting

    Parenting & Athletics For an overwhelming majority of my life I have been involved in athletics. I readily acknowledge that there are bad aspects surrounding sports, both professional and amateur, but I also believe there is a tremendous amount of good and much can be learned from them — both through participation and consideration. I have often said that Major League Baseball is a microcosm of our culture. Combine this with Henry VanTil’s astute observation that “culture is religion externalized,” and it follows that MLB is a microcosm of our culture’s religion externalized. Think about that for a while. Even. . . Read more »

  • The Perfect Family Recipe

    The Perfect Family Recipe

    Proverbs & Promises I never want to diminish another’s hardship. Indeed I can’t imagine a greater one. I know there are too many heartbroken parents out there who sought diligently to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord only to see one or more reject the faith. These hardships, however, ought not cause us to forget the blessings. The promises of God are often more proverbial than mathematical. That is they describe the way He typically works, without turning Him into some sort of blessing vending machine. We use our own proverbs in the same way.. . . Read more »