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  • Like Father, Like Son

    Father and son walking together. Like Father, Like Son

    Understanding Our Sons It is a constant test of our patience that some people just don’t broadcast on the same wavelength as the rest of us. They seem to be AM people in our FM world. I like to think of myself as a pretty astute observer of people, and my respective careers in sales and pastoral ministry have given me a lot of training and experience in observing and analyzing different types of folks. My desire is to learn what motivates people to think and act the way that they do. However, I have a friend whose son I. . .
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  • Office Evangelism: Improving Your Workplace Witness

    Office Evangelism: Angry man on the phone

    Difficulty of Office Evangelism The office. An environment that is challenging in the very best of circumstances. As chaotic and rowdy as a kindergarten class (but without the graham crackers and the much needed naptime) and with the social hierarchy of the playground and some of its cruelty too. Evangelism When You’ve “Blown It” Many of us work in quite difficult situations: highly competitive environments with hostile colleagues or angry bosses, or with pressing deadlines, or for a struggling company. And we find ourselves as Christians in a world that may be, at best indifferent, or at worst, hostile to. . .
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  • 3 Ways We Let Worry Rule Our Future

    Do not worry about tomorrow. Man worrying about the clock.

    Do Not Worry About Tomorrow Man is the only created being that not only functions in time, but also attempts to control it. More specifically, man worries about the future. While squirrels may harvest nuts for the winter, and bees make honey for future consumption instinctively, Man tends to go beyond provision, seeking to control or escape the future. This is a clear violation of Jesus’ exhortation not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 5:25-34). Three Ways We Worry Planning for the future—that is biblically wise, as is walking by faith. However, here are three harmful ways to consider the future,. . .
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  • Christian Friends & a Kick in the Pants

    Christian friends confronting eath other.

    Christian Friends Tell You What You Need to Hear There was a time, long, long, ago when women, young and old, did not sing songs praising my maturity and grace under pressure. It was the 1980s, long before the Kardashians roamed the earth and we all possessed iEverythings. I was not a ogre, I was not a child, but I was less mature and in need of the occasional kicking of the hindparts. And so entered my friend Dennis. Dennis Drennen was a campus fixture at Geneva College where I studied and a minister to the local Beaver Falls youths.. . .
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