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  • Get 160 Basement Tapes Conversations FREE in July!

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    In 2002 Highlands started recording The Basement Tapes. What else happened in 2002? A few things have changed since 2002. We can now drive only half as far on the same amount of money (bummer), and there is no longer just one American Idol on the radio (double bummer). The good news is… Highlands is still recording The Basement Tapes. We now have 160 conversations recorded, and continue to add new topics which we send to our club members every month! We have talked about everything from family roles to politics, from theology to literature, from education to food (browse. . .
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  • Independence Day


    Living in Shackles The grill is heating up, the drinks are cooling down, and temperatures are on the rise. It must be the fourth of July−Independence Day. A day when we Americans celebrate unshackling ourselves from the heavy yoke of Mother England. In hindsight we yoked ourselves much worse than she ever was of a mind to. We are burdened with regulations and taxes and thousands of laws and we have done it to ourselves. Because we failed to throw off all the shackles that imprisoned us. The motivation for any man under the thumb of his oppressor is freedom.. . .
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  • Raising Young Girls

    Mom walking with young girl in a butterfly tutu.

    How can you raise girls to be strong and feminine? Kara shares tips for parenting young girls: dealing with behavior problems when girls are young, cultivating modesty, watching out for emotional manipulation, and preparing them for womanhood.

  • Standing Firm When You Feel Shaken


    Most of the time living a fearless life seems impossible. Things go wrong, plans fail, we start second-guessing. We sink into confusion and worry and shamefaced retreat when the troubles of life come upon us. At some point, they always come, the Lord even said, “In the world you will have tribulation” (John 16:33). Our tribulations wear many faces. They may look like cancer, or an empty bank account, or your name slandered because you spoke for righteous morality. In the not so distant past I weathered a time when confusion and worry reigned supreme. My troubles were lurking on. . .
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