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  • I Did Not Come to Bring Peace but a Sword

    I did not come to bring peace but a sword.—Jesus

    Jesus Talked About Family Conflict We are a people at war. This war is not always fought out in the marketplace, in the broader culture, or in the church. It is often fought in the confines of the family. Jesus, in one of the most uncomfortable of all His uncomfortable sayings, tells the disciples this in Matthew 10:34-39: Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her. . . Read more »

  • What are 5 things to remember when talking with atheists?

    Ask RC Jr: What are 5 things to rember when talking with athiests?

    Here are five things to remember as you converse with atheists: There are no atheists. Romans 1 tells us that unbelievers suppress the truth of God’s existence in unrighteousness (vs 8). They want not to believe, but they know there is a God, and know that they stand guilty before Him. Do not think you are dealing with a disinterested scholar who is just lacking good information. You are dealing with someone angry and frightened, someone rightly terrified over his own guilt. If they get angry, chances are they are angry at God more than you. No matter how smart. . . Read more »

  • If Your Theology Doesn’t Transform Your Living You’re Doing it Wrong

    If Your Theology Doesn't Transform Your Living You're Doing it Wrong

    We are Forgetful of God’s Word There is a subtlety regarding our interaction with the Scriptures that causes our lives as Christians to be less than they could and ought to be. The apostle James spells this out in no uncertain terms by stating; “Looking at the Scriptures and going your way” is never going to do to and for us what, “looking at the Scriptures as you go” will do. (Read that last sentence again, slower, it’ll make sense.) The difference here is focus. And the focus initiates a transformation. The man who glances at the Word and goes. . . Read more »

  • The Bible — Sacred History, Your History

    The Bible — Sacred History, Your History

    My Ancestors “Are you RC Sproul’s son?” It’s a common question, and apart from the fact that there would have to be a whole other RC Sproul who also happened to name his son RC for it not to be so, an understandable one. People are often excited to meet me because the work of my father has meant so much to them. When they tell me so my honest reply is, “Me too.” As wonderfully as God has used my father, however, he is not even in the top fifty most potent kingdom building men among my ancestors. The. . . Read more »