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  • Practicing Hospitality

    Welcome sign. Practicing Hospitality.

    Hospitality is in the Bible and we’re supposed to do it, but what is it? How can you view hospitality as shared life instead of putting on a show. True hospitality brings real people into your real life and can be humbling. It can also be a huge blessing to others.

  • Viewing Your Children as Future Adults


    Developing Maturity Do all that you can to give your kids a wonderful childhood full of laughter, discovery, security, and grand memories, but always with a constant perspective toward their maturity. The idea here is to see how what you are doing is moving them forward toward maturity which then begs the question, “What is maturity?” Maturity is an evaluation of character development. Virtue equates to maturity but vice just means that you’ve gotten older while staying sinfully immature. For example, I am sure that you have noticed that babies are some of the most self-centered beings on the planet.. . .
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  • In Sickness & In Health


    So Many Sick People There seems to be a lot of sickness in my world. Maybe it’s because I have a close-knit church community and everyone’s eager to share their burdens with each other or social media has made such information flow, but certainly sickness seems to surround me. For starters, each week my church prayer list has a dozen names on it and some of those names have been on the list for years. My own wife Lindsay suffers from food allergies, thyroid issues, and difficult pregnancies. She has been sick in some way, shape, or form, since I. . .
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  • Are Your Children Getting Behind?


    Moms are often paralyzed by fears that their children are falling behind. We need to learn to speak truth to ourselves about our families and where our children are at so we can fight those feelings that we are behind all the time. How can you make sure that you are trying to keep up and stay on track with the right things? How do you keep a balance between good goals and what you can actually accomplish? How can you trust God’s arrangement of your circumstances as the best thing for your family even when you feel like you. . .
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