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  • Beating Discontentment

    Woman discontent with her breakfast. (HomeWise: Beating Discontentment)

    One of the most difficult battles for stay-at-home moms is discontentment. The world is telling us our lives are not fulfilling. We must not believe them! Join Kara and Steve as they talk about contentment, personal fulfillment, and the wonderful, creative, difficult job of being a mom!

  • How to Talk to Your Kids about Sensitive Topics


    The most fruitful conversations we have with our children are unplanned and occur in the normal context of life. This last week a friend told me a story of when he was part of a men’s (and boys’) study I recently led and how he watched me react when the touchy subject of sex came up. This particular touchy subject would have been no big deal were it not for the fact that four of our boys, ages eighteen, seventeen, fourteen, and twelve, were sitting in on the study and taking part in the conversation and he was concerned how. . .
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  • The 5 Most Dangerous Words You Can Say

    Man speaking with courage.

    “Here am I, send me.” These are quite possibly the five most dangerous words you can say. When God is looking to and fro about the earth asking, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” (Isaiah 6:8), He isn’t messing around and there is only one answer worth giving. Courage to Meet Danger Where there is danger we need courage to carry us out to meet it. Courage is a valiant word; it stands strong come what may. We admire it in others as though it is a special gift from God to some of His people. . .
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  • Setting Goals: Aim Small, Miss Small

    Setting Goals: Aim Small, Miss Small (HomeWise podcast)

    Bypass the discouragement of impossible goals & start setting goals that are reachable. Consistently met small goals can add up to big progress for you and your family! When you aim for a man and miss, you miss the man but if you aim for a button on his shirt and miss, you’ll probably still hit the man. What are the small goals? I started out by getting dressed right away. Spending a few minutes streamlining and tidying the house a few times each day.

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