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  • Never Coming to the Truth


    Are you always learning but never coming to the truth, never actually making changes in your life and family? It is good to research and ask friends and mentors for advice, but we need to be sure that we seek to implement what we learn.

  • 5 Things Couples in Strong Marriages Know


    Why do Christian marriages fail? As I was sitting at a banquet listening to Christian leaders on the front lines of the current battle over same-sex marriage and religious liberty, a question popped into my head: “How would I neutralize these leaders if I were the devil?” What came to mind was a strategy the devil has used to great effect: Attack their marriages. Simple and effective, and it works against ordinary Christians too. If the devil can cripple our marriages, it won’t matter what we say or do about the institution of marriage. Christian marriages fail the way civilizations. . .
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  • Christians—5 Ways to Tell if You Are in the Game or On the Bench!


    There is a place on a football field where players rarely get chased or pushed or tackled. There are seats and beverages and the view of the game is excellent. We can hear the crowds cheering and booing and, if we close our eyes, we might think they are talking to us. We, if we are on the sidelines, are most definitely not in the game. A lot of us like to put on the uniform and pace the sidelines and comment on the game in progress. We also like to stay clear of the action; it’s much safer that. . .
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  • Time Management: Creating Margins


    Family time management can be tricky when there are so many good opportunities for your children. By filling up your schedule with many good things, you may be missing the best things. Often, the best things are being at home together, reading aloud together, doing chores together, getting the together thing. Not being in the car constantly. Not eating on the run.

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