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  • Do Calvinists have too low a view of themselves?

    Calvinist man looking ashamed.

    Made in the Image of God Perhaps. It is virtually impossible to have too low a view of ourselves by ourselves. We, all of us who are human, do indeed bear the image of God. Even that, however, is ultimately extrinsic to us. The imago, we need to understand isn’t essential to us in a sense, but is added to us. By ourselves, apart from His grace, we are but dust and rebellion. In His grace, however, He has imposed upon us, stamped upon us, His image. We humans thus have worth, dignity and value, though these are ultimately from. . .
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  • I Mourned My Lack of Shoes Until…


    Nearness of Suffering It is a dangerous folly to compare, much less compete in hardship. Each of us has our own, and the closeness of our suffering is a deeper barometer of the challenge than the hardness of it. I learned this the first time I ventured out to the movies without my wife. That was what we did on date night, as vanilla as it might seem — dinner and a movie. We both loved the movies, she more than me. Whatever our choices I always let Denise choose. If Attack of the Killer Killing Things was released the. . .
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  • Giving Good Gifts to the Ungrateful

    Man surprised by the good gifts in his box.

    Giving Good Gifts Instead of Acceptable Gifts Most of the residents had been living on the street before they came to our program, drug addicts and drunkards who had made a mess of their lives. They were not a happy crowd, sometimes they were rather wily, some were probably dangerous, but I never really thought about it. They were men who needed the gospel, and I was zealous to teach them, to offer them an amazing gift. I had been working at the rehab for about five weeks when I decided to deal with a false doctrine that was rampant. . .
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  • Don’t Waste Your Inheritance

    Wasted inheritance (crumpled money)

    We Have Received an Inheritance The Lord explains to us in the first chapter of Job that we have come into this world naked, and that we shall leave this world in the same condition. As much as this is true, it is not an empty world into which we have come! The Lord Himself has prepared an earthly place for us. Of course He is the creator, so all things we see come from His hand. But another thing we must recognize is that much of what we receive comes to us, molded and developed, passing through the hands. . .
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