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  • Skinflint Stewardship

    Controlling Grip Maybe you’ve seen something like this: someone holds out a twenty dollar bill, but when the other person starts to pull it away, the first person holds on to it with a death grip. They only let go after an imposing glare or a final meaningful remark. The point of such an act is about control. Even when the money finally leaves their hand, the hovering presence of the giver still follows the money around, breathing down the neck of the receiver. This cash comes with strings attached. Scripture tells us plainly that the borrower is the slave. . .
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  • Home (Not) Alone

    Stressed mother with two young children.

    What do you do when you are home all day with young children? What does it mean to BE WITH your children? How do you get things done? What are some practical things you can do with naptimes, mealtimes, bedtimes, playtimes, to keep a happier home? How can you consistently build biblical foundations in your littles?

  • Are You on Good Terms with Abortion? Why Words Matter

    Friends, we have lost control of the conversation about abortion. It’s our own fault. For forty four years we have not only acquiesced to a wicked and unjust court opinion in Roe v. Wade, but we also adopted the opposition’s definition of terms ensuring our failure. We stand by while millions of our neighbors are murdered and we carefully purge our language of offensive verbiage. We converse in terms of viability, legality, choice instead of humanity, justice, and sin. We beg sinners to love life while refusing to call them to repentance for pursuing death. We peddle faux compassion in. . .
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  • Pregnancy: Carrying a Baby with Spina Bifida

    Ultrasound photo

    Steve & Kara talk about their child (still in the womb) being diagnosed with spina bifida. How have they seen God’s providence and care during an uncertain time? How are they making decisions and thinking about the future knowing their child is likely to have physical challenges his whole life? See how you can help the Murphy family during this time HERE.

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