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  • Be Hopeful {A Girl’s Guide to the Good Life}


    Grasping the Wind “Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die!” (Isaiah 22:13). This is a common sentiment among us, though we may verbalize it in more subtle ways. “Live for the moment.” “Life is a collection of experiences.” “The joy is in the journey.” There is a residue of truth in these sayings which is appealing. We want our moments to matter. Of course we do, but the draw of the world to do what we feel in every moment is a message that is more convenient than it is true. The writer of Ecclesiastes, who is perhaps. . .
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  • Are You Becoming Who You Didn’t Want to Be?


    Things I Didn’t Ever Want to Do I like to ponder from time to time about the things that I didn’t think I would ever do. It’s a sobering thought. You have an understanding of normal that only a teenager or recent college graduate could discern. Wisdom is ancient. Being teenage and young is fleeting. I do things I didn’t think I would ever do. I’ve become that person. I want to be comfortable in my clothes much more than I want to be fashionable. I’m almost completely out of touch with pop culture and my reasoning for this would. . .
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  • Don’t Give Evil a High-Five


    Avoiding Approval of Evil Evil demands your approval and it does not rest until it finds your level of complacency. It utterly ignores your disavowals of members of the evil genus and continues to press for approval at the species level. Evil doesn’t mind your hatred of categories as long as you make allowances for instances; “I know you’re against abortion, but surely not in cases of rape, right?” Evil loves to empty words of their meaning. Evil keeps changing the subject. Evil constantly blurs the lines. Evil will quickly stoop to deception, as long as it can get you. . .
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  • Beware of Bitterness {A Girl’s Guide to the Good Life}

    Beware of Bitterness (woman tasting sour lemon)

    Situational Bitterness Whatever it is we think we deserve; we don’t. It seems merciless to strip our presumed entitlements of their sympathetic narratives and leave them standing stark naked in such unforgiving light. Why be so brutal about it? Because cherishing feelings of entitlement is just the type of thing that nourishes the root of poisonous bitterness and bears an abundance of rotten fruit. When the Israelites were preparing to enter the Land, they received a warning: Beware lest there be among you a man or woman or clan or tribe whose heart is turning away today from the Lord. . .
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