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  • I Am a Miracle

    Man looking at the sky. (I am a miracle)

    The Miracle of Change Not so much like a sea parting or an ax head floating but the same force that acted upon that water and that iron also changed my natural dynamics and the course of my life, and now I am acting differently than I or anyone else ever expected. My previous nature was to sin and to enjoy sin. I also languished as a young occultist and later as an atheist. My parents constantly fought (loudly) in our home and often threatened to divorce each other. Going to school was a type of hell in itself on. . .
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  • Don’t Miss the Reward of Reading to Your Kids

    Mom reading to her girls

    Responsibility of Parenting Parenting advice abounds. Books, blogs, articles, conferences, radio, and TV broadcasts shout their methods, philosophies, and opinions to assure, guide, and counsel us in the way we should go. The sheer number of tips and techniques is confusing and frustrating (especially the “simple” ones), and oh-so-hard to remember when you really need them. It’s an enormous responsibility, this parenting. Lives are at stake. Other people’s futures are in our hands and we don’t want to mess up and most of us, whether parents of thirty days or thirty years, are well aware that we already have done. . .
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  • Finding Peace On Sleepless Nights

    Man in bed on a sleepless night.

    Dreading Sleepless Nights I had a tough night last night. I’m sure you’ve probably had a similar night yourself. I was up at least three times during the night, just walking around the house. Going back to bed. Up again a couple of hours later. You’ve probably heard of Restless Legs Syndrome? While my legs were pretty restless, I don’t think that was my problem. My restlessness was in my heart. Reasons for Sleepless Nights We’ve probably all had nights like that at one time or another. On the surface, the reasons may vary, but as you probe deeper, they. . .
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  • 10 Parenting Tips for Raising “Real” Kids

    Boys on bicycles. (Parenting Tips for Raising Real Kids)

    When it comes to parenthood I knew that I could not raise perfect children, so I decided to go for the gold and try for real kids instead. Sort of a mix of Tom Sawyer and Lucy Pevensie with a dash of Jonny Quest. Here are some parenting tips that I either started with or have learned along the way: 1. Children need to be viewed as future adults Give them a wonderful childhood full of laughter, discovery, security, and grand memories, but with a constant perspective toward their maturity. 2. Teach them to worship rather than to behave Instructions. . .
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