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  • 5 Habits to Avoid on Social Media & in the Real World

    Group of people using social media on their mobile devices.

    Living in the Age of Social Media What was your last status update on Facebook? Are your last 140 characters on Twitter making the world a better place right now? The internet is an amplifier. It doesn’t discriminate, it gives sound to the best and the worst of us. Connection to social media and the ubiquitous use of mobile devices has made each of us a player as we gather an audience and broadcast our every thought for comment. Our best lines are not limited to the hearing of the people within the room, but can be heard by every. . .
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  • Experiencing Grace in Your Inadequacy

    Overwhelmed woman. (Experiencing Grace in Your Inadequacy)

    Our inadequacy teaches us humility and shows us God’s grace. God wanted me to make sure that I understood that it was His grace at work in me, not my sufficiency that was building this house, building this home.

  • Assurance for the Worried

    Worried People

    What We Really Want Once we Christians mature a bit and put away childish things; once we pause and reflect and cast aside the tyranny of the urgent; once we unshackle ourselves from Master Money, we realize that we truly want but one thing: joy. Joy is a pyramid emotion, it sits on a large base of security. It’s something we rarely see outside of children who seem to have it in abundance. It’s closely connected to being care-free. Partly, a child cannot imagine all that can go wrong or that might be going wrong even as they play. But. . .
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  • Making Comparisons

    (Podcast) HomeWise: Building Blocks for Discerning Women

    Our culture pushes us to judge ourselves against others, but this can be a dangerous habit. Join Kara and Steve Murphy as they talk about how you may be sabotaging your own family by making comparisons, and share some personal experience on how to break the comparison habit.

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