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  • Understanding Covenant in the Book of Hebrews

    Understanding Covenant in the Book of Hebrews

    But now He has obtained a more excellent ministry, by as much as He is also the mediator of a better covenant, which has been enacted on better promises. Hebrews 8:6 The assignment given me in this column is to help us understand this text from the book of Hebrews (actually vv. 6-13). I am to exegete it in such a manner that I deal with questions like: Was the old covenant bad? How do we understand the reality of covenantal continuity and the new and better covenant under which we serve? This may sound simple enough, but no less. . .
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  • What have we lost in the lost art of letter writing?


    My Dearest Gaulips, You asked about some of the newest features our media consultants are working on, and how you might put them to good use in your treatment of your patient. I will explain a few of them, but do not lose sight of the simple principle — the more we can take these cursed humans away from their bodies, the better off we can be. Entice them with ease, with reach, with speed, with convenience, but take away from them the things that matter the most — actual communication. When we move them from aural communication to written. . .
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  • Wisdom is Power

    Wisdom is Power

    Worldly Wisdom Obama, Bush, Hillary, Federal Reserve Chairman, United Nations, Global Climate Specialists. These gods of our days purport to have all the answers and seek all the power. Each word that comes from the mouth of our national leaders, climate experts or financial geniuses tends to be looked upon by us in hushed awe as the pagans might have from their witch doctor while he explained the meaning of the solar eclipse. “Help us!” we cry. “Tell us what to do!” Spend more? Ok. Save more? Ok. Recycle? Ingest more anti-oxidants? Floss? Jog? “Whatever you say, we’ll do because. . .
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  • A Man Has a Right to Own Her Body


    Root Causes of Abortion You lust and do not have. You murder and covet and cannot obtain James 4:2. Seeking to stop the slaughter of the unborn by merely declaiming abortion is like building a bridge by starting in the middle. James reminds us that we murder because we lust. Statistics tells us that nearly 9 of ten women who get an abortion in America are unmarried. That is telling. Abortion & Related Sins Too often we in the evangelical church have taken a binary approach to the problem. Either we separate the sin of abortion from all its related. . .
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