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  • The Door On This Opportunity is Closing!

    Working Together—Building the Kingdom

    Friday is the Last Day! We are giving away our entire Basement Tapes Collection (MP3s) to all our new club members in July! That is 160 conversations we have recorded since 2002 on everything from the ABCs of reformed theology to family roles to culture and entertainment (see the collection). Just join the You Get a Tape Club or the You Get Everything Club today and you’ll get all our past conversations and all our future conversations as long as you are a member! We would love to have you join the conversation (see below for more info on the. . .
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  • The Church is a Place of Wonder


    We Find it Hard to Believe The older we get, the more it takes to fill us with wonder. This is because it becomes increasingly difficult for us to believe in wonder-full things. Believing is easy for the heart that can hope anything is possible. But when certain possibilities have been chased away and certain glimmers doused, faith suddenly has to be worked at, and belief has to be practiced, and hope has to be memorized. Where do you go to practice something so sacred? To the brightest, most brilliant, spot of light you can find. Darkness might keep your. . .
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  • Never Coming to the Truth


    Are you always learning but never coming to the truth, never actually making changes in your life and family? It is good to research and ask friends and mentors for advice, but we need to be sure that we seek to implement what we learn.

  • 5 Things Couples in Strong Marriages Know


    Why do Christian marriages fail? As I was sitting at a banquet listening to Christian leaders on the front lines of the current battle over same-sex marriage and religious liberty, a question popped into my head: “How would I neutralize these leaders if I were the devil?” What came to mind was a strategy the devil has used to great effect: Attack their marriages. Simple and effective, and it works against ordinary Christians too. If the devil can cripple our marriages, it won’t matter what we say or do about the institution of marriage. Christian marriages fail the way civilizations. . .
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