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  • So, You Thought Philippians 4:8 Was About the Arts?

    Girl looking at painting. (So, You Think Philippians 4:8 is About the Arts?)

    Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.—Philippians 4:8 (NIV) Do you have art problems or do you have heart problems? Do you have philosophical concept problems or do you have personal conflict problems? Philippians 4:8 is a well known verse. For many years in my mind, it was the “Christian art” verse. “In Philippians 4:8, Paul tells Christians directly what to pursue in art and otherwise.”  Another writer says, “The apostle Paul also alludes to aesthetics in. . .
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  • What if I don’t fit in at church?

    Woman & baby with fake mustaches. (What if I don't fit in at church?)

    The following article is from a recent issue of Every Thought Captive magazine. Subscribe Today!  I am single, I attend worship regularly and want to be involved in my church, but I don’t fit in. Ministries are focused on parents, children, husbands and wives. It is difficult to connect with other church members. What should I do? You Are Not Alone Be assured that you are not the only one who feels out of place in church. When your life has taken a different turn than many of your peers, it is easy to get discouraged. You want to be. . .
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  • Don’t Let Bad Memories Steal Your Hope for the Future

    Man with umbrella, looking up. (Don't Let Bad Memories Steal Your Hope for the Future)

    Good & Bad Memories Our perception of God, ourselves, and the world around us is largely shaped by what we have learned, not only through God’s Word, but also by our experience—our personal history. Our individual body of experience is made up of a collection of memories. These memories can be “good” or “bad” remembrances. They can be epochal events, or everyday occurrences. They can be highly emotional moments, or they can be relatively humdrum incidents. They can be memories of overwhelming love and kindness, or they can be memories of cruelty and brutality. Regardless, they have been stored in. . .
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  • Talking God With Your Kids


    We were driving along, the family and I, when the discussion somehow transitioned into a question from my son, Ethan: “Dad, is there a word for all of the ‘omnis’ associated with God?” Now please be aware that, though that is an important and an amazing question, our family really isn’t that intellectual. In fact, I am pretty sure that the previous chatter included movie storylines, a question about lunch, and a smidgen of gossip. How did we get to theology? Your guess is as good as mine. Anyway, there it was, a very big question. If your family is. . .
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