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  • Be Grateful for the Doctrine of Election

    Be Grateful for the Doctrine of Election

    Uncomfortable with the Doctrine of Election That the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works but of Him who calls. — Romans 9:11 Before us we have a verse from a passage of Scripture (Romans 9) that gives more than a few people an uneasy feeling. What is written about a pagan king is difficult enough for some, but it’s just too much for many when God declares His choosing Isaac not Ishmael and that while He loved Jacob, He hated Esau. I suppose there are people who struggle with this chapter, in part at least,. . .
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  • Lovers (of the World) Gonna Hate

    Lovers (of the World) Gonna Hate

    Human Trafficking & Abortion Next month I will be participating on a Christian college campus in an intriguing discussion. I have been invited, due to my public labors on behalf of the unborn, to join a panel asking something along these lines, “Why is the slaughter of the unborn so low on the radar of so many evangelicals? Why do we get our dander up over Kony or human trafficking, but not so much over abortion?” Before I get to the remarks I am apt to share, let’s make one obvious thing perfectly clear. Human trafficking is wicked, vile, nauseating. . .
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  • Live Faithfully in a World of Temptation

    Living Faithfully in a World of Temptation

    Temptation in the Garden of Eden It is interesting to note when looking at the account of Adam and Eve in the garden that, before the fall, they had only one temptation to deal with. ONE. Don’t eat the forbidden fruit. Now, we know that the fall had more to do with eating fruit. In fact, one could make the case that pretty much all of the ten commandments were violated either directly or indirectly in that one sin. Summed up, they didn’t care for the limitation placed on them by their Master, and made themselves slaves to another one.. . .
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  • Sola Scriptura or Solo Scriptura?

    Sola Scriptura or Solo Scriptura?

    Historic Sola Scriptura I have too often heard the modern refrain, “No creed but Christ, no law but love.” This relatively simple platitude is viewed by many as a spiritually deep proclamation of their commitment to the historic and profound battle cry of the Reformation, Sola Scriptura. Adherents to this catchphrase are not just those who would align themselves with the emergent church movement or the contemporary charismatic crowd. Within the circles in which I run (the politically-conservative, family-friendly, and culturally-concerned crowd) a similar sentiment exists, and is growing. Like any movement, any revival, any reformation, there are those who. . .
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