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  • Is Salvation Enough?

    Here you are, born-again. Your sins are forgiven and you have peace with God through Jesus Christ. But are you satisfied? Are you experiencing a full life? Or are you living with an obvious, yet hard to figure out, deficit that makes Christian living more of a duty and nowhere near what could be considered a pleasure? What if I told you that even Jesus, who was sinless, always at peace with God, and who lived a perfect life, needed more as well?! What if I proved my point in such a way that you not only didn’t think I. . .
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  • Fulfilling the Great Commission

    “I want to do something great for the kingdom of God,” we often hear. Spoken by singles who have no idea how to go about it but who have a few hours each week and are eager to make use of it. The gap between what a Christian can do between work and bedtime on a Tuesday and what a parent does over the course of twenty years is staggering and the tragedy is that too few American Christians realize that the real work exists without fanfare and back-patting and it’s not accomplished in a few hours each week. Yes,. . .
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  • Son, Saint, Sinner

    As I pass through this life as a Christian I do so with a perspective that was first, not my own, but now that I own it, it makes all the difference. For instance, I am a sinner. I know that. This means that I am in constant need of God’s grace and mercy and strength. I didn’t have to figure this out. All I had to do was read the Bible and the Word revealed why I struggle, fail, and am weak and that is good, good for me. It reminds me of a scene from one of those. . .
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  • Letting Me Handle the Reins

    It is interesting how just a little taste of something can awaken an appetite that you didn’t know you had. And obviously, that taste doesn’t have to be food. It can be an experience, a relationship, a word of encouragement, or an opportunity to use a latent gift. In 1990, I was a recently married salesman for an industrial gas company. We had just begun attending Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, which was pastored at the time by Frank Barker, one of the finest, most humble and effective pastors I have ever known. Frank led a men’s Bible study. . .
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