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  • Live Stream Event with Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr.

    Get $5 off this Live Stream event!

    Live Stream R.C. Sproul Jr. to Your Living Room!  At the 2014 Family Discipleship & Homeschooling Conference, April 25-26 Watch the preview video below! Dear Friends, I’m writing to invite you to join me via live stream at the 2014 Family Discipleship & Homeschooling Conference, April 25-26 in Redmond, WA. My friends at Christian Heritage are offering all of you $5 off the Live Stream Pass, so you can join thousands of other homeschoolers for two full days of hope, encouragement and inspiration—for just $24.95. That’s over $60 in savings compared to the onsite pass! Click here to receive $5 off your. . . Read more »

  • Evil Employees & Saintly Corporations

    Evil Employees & Saintly Corporations

    Economics of Buying & Selling It is a common but dangerous business, our propensity to make ourselves the heroes of our own stories, and to see all who stand in our way as wearing the black hats. As a person with an interest in all things economic I see it in the realm of our buying and trading all the time. We all want to sell high and buy low. And we are all sellers and buyers. We all sell our labor in the marketplace. And we buy what we buy. The ones in the black hats, we think, are. . . Read more »

  • Here Am I Lord

    Here Am I Lord

    “There are fewer clinics now than in previous years, which means that more women are going to have unwanted children, which will lead to lots more abuse, and lots more neglect [of those children].” I tuned out the broadcaster as he moved on to the next story. The radio was set to NPR, and I was listening to the BBC world service, which had privileged its listeners with this extraordinary bit of reasoning, coinciding with the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Summing up was simple; in order to prevent the possibility of a future crime, increased opportunity for mothers. . . Read more »

  • What are ten books your teenagers read as part of their homeschool education?

    Ask RC: What are 10 books your teenagers read as part of their homeschool education?

    One of the weaknesses of the school model of education is that it squeezes out great books that don’t fit neatly into one or another of those artificial divisions of learning we call “subjects.” We don’t start with, “What books have had a deep impact in shaping what I am?” But with “What subjects am I supposed to be teaching, and which books will help me teach them?” I don’t teach my children subjects—I seek to instill in them wisdom. Which means I have them read the books that gave me wisdom. All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes: The. . . Read more »