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  • Possessed

    Possessed. Now that is a selective word. We reserve such an evaluation when we want to describe unnatural or bizarre behavior. “They acted like they were possessed,” is what we say when reporting. “They were scary” or even, “They acted crazy” fails to convey our experience. And yet every person is possessed by some drive or emotion or desire everyday. We are all living under the influence of someone or something. That is why we dress the way we do and talk the way we do, to name just two everyday habits. You say, “I don’t care.” I ask, then,. . .
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  • Selling Jesus

    We’ve all been there, either at the giving or receiving end of a sales pitch. Giving it, we’re convinced the prey will never buy and on the receiving end, we’re convinced that the hunter will never leave us alone. No one wants to be sold something they don’t want. And if perchance we purchase, we’ll forever somewhat resent that person who “convinced” us we needed that product or service. And yet we love to buy things. Put a soft red sweater on display on a long wooden table with rock music playing overhead and we’ll gladly pass you six crisp. . .
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  • Control in Difficult Relationships

    You must surrender control to God and take up His means of changing sinners.

  • Christian Chicken Culture

    It wasn’t a restaurant that was high on my list. First, there were none around me for many years and secondly, how excited can you get about a chicken sandwich? And then I got married and had kids and took trips and that’s when I really discovered Chick-fil-A. Stopping to eat with five little kids can be daunting enough for Dad to be tempted to tell everyone, “We’ll eat when we get to Grandma’s!” Even if that promised meal is 200 miles away. But my good wife and Georgian Lindsay knew about a place that wouldn’t be so horrible. So. . .
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