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  • The Bible — Sacred History, Your History

    The Bible — Sacred History, Your History

    My Ancestors “Are you RC Sproul’s son?” It’s a common question, and apart from the fact that there would have to be a whole other RC Sproul who also happened to name his son RC for it not to be so, an understandable one. People are often excited to meet me because the work of my father has meant so much to them. When they tell me so my honest reply is, “Me too.” As wonderfully as God has used my father, however, he is not even in the top fifty most potent kingdom building men among my ancestors. The. . . Read more »

  • Socialism Rightly Applied


    Socialism in the Government The concept of socialism is rightly repugnant to many, especially those of us who have been reared in the individualistic United States. If anyone with a biblical worldview considers the government takeover of corporations and industries, from banking institutions and automobile manufacturers to the healthcare market, they will be rightly disturbed. Many of us open up our newspapers or web browsers with a sense of foreboding — we are not sure what the government will be eying next. Socialism in the Christian Family That said, there are principles of socialism that are not in and of. . . Read more »

  • Reading the Bible as a Family History

    Reading the Bible as a Family History

    A Revelation on How to Read the Bible The day was Memorial Day, 2005 and I and many others were lounging on Laurence Windham’s ample porch and he was about to bless the food. Before he did so he gave us a new spin on the idea of that day; that we should thank God for the faithfulness and sacrifices of those that went before us. I was prepared for the typical mention of soldiers who fought in wars, but he went on to mention the prophets, the apostles, all the saints. My journey into the simple, separate and deliberate. . . Read more »

  • Why do we love taking internet quizzes?

    Ask RC: Why do we love taking internet quizzes?

    What Pizza Topping are You? I don’t know. More importantly, neither does anyone else. The better question is, why would anyone think anyone could know? Though they have been with us for some time I’m seeing more and more quizzes on sundry social media feeds promising to tell me not just what pizza topping I am but which castaway on Gilligan’s Island, which 80’s pop diva, which former Secretary General of the United Nations. I’m not such a grumpus as to argue that there is something sinful about taking such quizzes. Nor am I inclined to believe that anyone takes. . . Read more »