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  • 5 Reasons Not to Worry about Big Brother

    Find yourself thinking about what the true and greater reality is. It puts all the world in perspective. After all, He’s got the whole world in His hands.

  • Friends

    When determining how wealthy we are in friends, there is only one question that must be asked? What is a friend? The Bible gives us some direction here: A friend is wise, reliable, willing to rebuke us, loves us at all times and is closer than a brother. Presumably, a friend is also someone we like, someone we have things in common with and someone around whom we can be ourselves. On Facebook, some of us have thousands of “friends,” other sad folks have only a few hundred. Imagine if you truly had a thousand friends who were “closer than. . .
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  • Divorce, theft and other horrible sins

    We know the answer. We should know how horrible sin is. We know that we are meant to be free of it. What will we do tomorrow?

  • Competing Storylines

    Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg. The Batmobile lost a wheel, and the Joker got away. These childish lyrics start innocently enough with a recognition of the season. Bells are prevalent and wonderful, they ring from church towers, they are played by choirs, they are a significant part of the festive decor adorning doorways and trees. But then, without warning, and surely for its iconoclastic shock-value, bell gives way to smell. The Caped Crusader is said to be malodorous! This is surely an adolescent attack on all that is True, Good, and Beautiful. The listener recoils realizing that. . .
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