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  • Standing Firm When You Feel Shaken


    Most of the time living a fearless life seems impossible. Things go wrong, plans fail, we start second-guessing. We sink into confusion and worry and shamefaced retreat when the troubles of life come upon us. At some point, they always come, the Lord even said, “In the world you will have tribulation” (John 16:33). Our tribulations wear many faces. They may look like cancer, or an empty bank account, or your name slandered because you spoke for righteous morality. In the not so distant past I weathered a time when confusion and worry reigned supreme. My troubles were lurking on. . .
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  • My Dad Tells the Best Stories

    Father and daughter laughing and talking together.

    “Just a little while longer Before we know We’ll be eating blood oranges In the snow.” – Over the Rhine My Dad tells the best stories. He has that deep, unexplained talent for making words obey him. Every story he decides to tell gets his full attention and his full effort, and every story has the chance to be a little bit more wonderful when he gets a hold of it. He tells us he has a story, and we settle back, and when he opens his mouth, the words traipse out in a purposeful meander, always sure of where. . .
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  • Raising Young Men (Teenage Boys)

    Bored teenage boy, leaning back in his chair.

    Listen as Kara & Steve talk about parenting teenage boys. They talk about work, academics, protecting moral purity, moms & sons butting heads, teaching boys how to be men, and defying cultural norms by having great relationships with your teenagers.

  • My Dad Was a Work in Progress & So am I


    Looking Back on a Life When I think back to my dad’s life, certain pictures or incidents come into my mind, as I am sure happens for you when you think back on your father. I have memories of him during my childhood, throwing baseball with me. I remember him standing by me as my best man when I got married. I remember him playing with my children when they were small. I remember him caring for my mother during her bouts with cancer and eventual home going. And, I remember him during his final years, as his own health. . .
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