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  • When a Friend is Hurting


    When I think of relating to friends, I immediately remember times like last New Year’s Eve when good friends were over and we laughed at an inside joke until we could hardly breathe. Fun times are certainly wonderful parts of friendship, but recently I’ve been reminded that we and our friends will also go through seasons of hurt. Sometimes laughter is replaced with tears and we can’t escape the pain. Sometimes life this side of heaven just hurts. It’s usually easy to rejoice and have fun with others when we’re both doing well, but knowing how to relate to a. . .
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  • Parenting Children Who Are Different from Us


    How do you parent a child who is so different from you that you don’t understand him or her? Learn to parent with an appreciation for your child’s uniqueness.

  • Living in a State of Constant Change


    Significant Changes Change is a big theme in my life these days. As many of you know, I have recently returned to the pastorate and this vocational shift has brought about many other changes to my life as well as to the lives of my children. We have relocated to a new state, three of my children are either working or attending school in other locations, and my three at-home children are attending a Christian school for the first time, instead of homeschooling. For the younger children, unless you have experienced this, you have no idea how significant the changes. . .
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  • Is Pro-Life Ministry a Christian Duty?


    “I’m pro-life, but I’m not called to pro-life ministry.” Have you heard this before? Maybe you have said it yourself. I understand how you feel. I never envisioned myself as a political activist or a street evangelist and I have only engaged in the abortion battle in recent years myself, and yes, it is a battle. I won’t subject you to descriptions of pro-life ministry that are all marshmallows and sunshine. Pro-life ministry doesn’t always carry with it the fresh scent of rosy baby skin, it often reeks of death and decay and makes your heart ache for the state. . .
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