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  • 15 Things to Remember When You’re Shattered


    My congregation, Saint Peter Presbyterian Church, had a split ten years ago. It was a sad and ugly affair that hurt deeply and estranged friends from one another. Suspicion, doubt, and anger, permeated our days while sleep evaded our nights. Food had little taste and music did little to comfort. As the Psalmist well said, “weeping endured the night.” We were in a season of great distress and sadness and even when I, as an individual, might succeed in “encouraging yourself in the Lord” I still suffered for others who struggled on wondering just what had happened. Not only did. . .
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  • Hospitality Tips

    Hospitality Tips (wecome mat with slippers)

    How can you make your home into a place where people, even your own children, want to be? How do you keep people prioritized over stuff? Are there biblical ideas that can be applied to how we practice hospitality? Steve and Kara share some things they have learned that help them to be a blessing to the people who come into their home.

  • Don’t Be Too Nice {A Girl’s Guide to the Good Life}


    Nice isn’t Everything If I were to ask you what are some desirable traits in a Christian woman, what would you say? Meek? Patient? Loving? Kind? Joyful? Submissive? These are all biblical words, but I’m afraid we often infuse them with mushy meaning they were never intended to carry. We have a tendency to amalgamate all the words descriptive of Christian character under the single moniker: nice. Now there’s a word that isn’t biblical. Jesus never said, “blessed are the nice.” God didn’t thunder from Sinai, “Thou shalt be nice.” We have adopted this idea, I suspect, because niceness has. . .
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  • Be Open to Change


    What are we really saying when we say, “That’s just who I am”? It is good to understand our strengths and weaknesses, but we shouldn’t close ourselves off to change. God works change in the lives of Christians throughout our lifetimes, and this is a good thing.

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