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  • We Need to be Under Authority

    It seems like many of us enjoy the blessings that come from a good church body but chafe at the thought of being under the leadership and discipline of the church leaders.

  • How Christians Should Sleep

    When it comes to the subject of rest, believers in Jesus Christ should be having a phenomenal experience every night—unless you have a newborn in which case you have a glorious reason to be awaken several times by little baby sounds and hunger cries. And there is also that sacrifice of slumber due to staying up with someone who is ill. Also the necessity laid upon the student whose term paper is due and let’s not forget those first-responders who put out fires and the police who guard our neighborhoods when darkness falls. There are many other scenarios as well.. . .
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  • Community Life is Painful

    I was perturbed and couldn’t ascertain the reason at first. All day I’d been in a funk and with just a little reflection, the truth was revealed. I was angry that some news had penetrated my world and for the umpteenth time, my peace was broken. It wasn’t the right reaction but a common one for me as part of a close-knit community of believers. The first thing to know when you are seeking to become a part of a community of believers is that you are greatly increasing the number of people who can ruin your day. When you. . .
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  • Seeing Parenting Faults

    How can you evaluate your own parenting without discouraging yourself? How do you keep from being blind to your own faults? How do you keep from constantly beating yourself up in unnecessary ways? Are you evaluating based on worldly parenting methods?

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