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  • Conservative Fascism

    Conservative Fascism

    Fascism at Home It’s not fascism when we do it. The not-so-tongue-in-cheek poster showed a Nazi Germany-style “brownshirt” with a GOP armband and waving the GOP flag. They take our taxes at gunpoint (they don’t collect your 1040 at gunpoint? Try not paying it) to fund programs that undermine and destroy the family; they require us to pay them to ride behind the wheel in our own property, they “let” us incorporate our churches so they can have a tax break and then tell them what they can preach. They force our children to get vaccinations to diseases that are. . .
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  • If you could have done one thing differently as a husband, what would it be?


    My Deepest Regret It is both awkward and encouraging the feedback I have received over the past few years for the writing I have done during my beloved’s illness, homegoing and absence. I especially rejoice when I hear that the things I have written have served another in a time of hardship. It remains my intention to use what I have written in a book in the future. That said, I still believe that the most vulnerable, most insightful, most helpful thing I wrote all along this journey was this brief tweet — I wish I had held her hand. . .
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  • Governmental Proverbs vs. Biblical Proverbs

    Governmental Proverbs vs. Biblical Proverbs

    Wisdom of Biblical Proverbs I love the Proverbs. They attracted me like a magnet from the earliest days of my spiritual youth. While rearing a family and running a small business the need for wisdom is constant. I do not read them as often now but they just keep coming back at times opportune or sometimes random it seems. However, not every hoary word derives from the lectionary of true Wisdom. Folly of Government Proverbs Having become more alert to the machinations of the Serpent and the government Leviathan, their own attempts to wax wise do not settle so easily. . .
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  • Ray Rice, Domestic Violence, and Other Monsters

    Ray Rice, Domestic Violence, and Other Monsters

    Connecting the Dots It is, I believe, a useful habit that I stumbled upon now more than 20 years ago. I have found that forcing myself to look at two issues at once often helps me see a new perspective on both issues that I otherwise would have missed. It started when I was an editor for Tabletalk magazine and I had an idea. Each issue, then and now, is sort of two magazines, a daily Bible study, as well as a thematic issue. “Why don’t we,” I asked the team, “publish a ‘bridge’ article each month? For our first. . .
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