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  • I Have Overcome the World


    Jesus has left the building . . . and that’s a good thing. I know that those two statements don’t seem to go together but that is basically what Jesus is saying to the disciples in what is commonly called the “Farewell Discourse” found in the Gospel of John, chapters 13–16. A Troubling Announcement In these chapters, Jesus isn’t healing anyone or speaking to the crowds or contending with the church leaders; He is spending the last hours of His earthly time with that rag-a-muffin band made up mostly of blue-collar men who have followed Him for three years and. . .
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  • Enjoying Music Together


    What role does music have in your home and family? How can you help your children, from your youngest to your oldest, love good music? How can you encourage your kids to learn to play and sing? How can music be a blessing in your family and to your community also? What if you aren’t a musical person, can you still teach your children these things? Join Steve and Kara as they talk about the joy of music in their home.

  • Evangelism & No Judgment Zones


    Unwelcome Evangelism The world desires safe spaces be maintained; spaces free of judgment, free of guilt, free of fear and shame. They love sin, and do not want their daily routine jarred by the Word of the Lord. Jesus said, “Unless you repent you will all likewise perish”—He preached a jarring message. When we take God’s Word to the streets we see how disturbing it is to feelings of safety in secular spaces. Worldlings chafe under the proclamation of the only existing remedy for their guilt and shame, and as their consciences are rubbed raw they scorn the ones who. . .
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  • TIPS for Perseverance When You Don’t See Progress


    What do you do when you’re working really hard at something and not seeing any progress? What are some diagnostic questions you can ask yourself to discover problems with your parenting methods or education goals? Whether it is in academics or areas of discipline and maturity, how do we know if we need to just persevere or if we need to change what we’re doing. How can we help ourselves honestly see the progress we are making?

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