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  • Be a DOer {A Girl’s Guide to the Good Life}

    God didn’t create us as disembodied spirits to hover idly in space, He created men and women with hands and feet, and placed them in a garden on the earth. He assigned work to do: multiply, subdue the earth, take dominion.

  • Homeschool Planning

    Do you find yourself planning, but not actually following through with those plans? How can you plan efficiently and effectively? Are you trying to do too much? How do you keep from getting overwhelmed or getting stuck in a rut? What are some different ways to schedule out your year?

  • Why Christians Hate Each Other

    Firing Shots at Fellow Christians I remember this time when this friend of mine had a disagreement that turned into a fierce argument. We both shot at each other with bursts of sarcasm attempting to win what had moved from discussion into a contest. Problem was, this sad and disturbing display was semi-public, it was at the place where we worked and all around us were people who we had been witnessing to for some time. One of them addressed us in shock, “The two of you are fighting?!” That gave both of us pause, we stopped the verbal and. . .
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  • Summer Fun

    How can you keep summer trips manageable? Summertime is a great time for hospitality when you can keep the activity outside! How can you encourage your kids’ creativity? Steve and Kara share some simple, low-cost, memory-making, summer activities that their family enjoys.

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