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  • Time: Being With Your Children

    Boy helping his mom with the laundry.

    What if you saw the time you spend mothering your children as discipleship instead of babysitting? Simply being with your children, day in and day out, is one of the most revolutionary things you can do with your time. It changes you and it changes your kids.

  • Your Idols Usually Look Like You

    Your Idols Usually Look Like You

    What does idolatry look like? As a sin, idolatry usually brings certain concepts or images (no pun intended) to mind. We typically think about statues and pictures as objects of our worship, and that is entirely accurate, though it doesn’t cover it completely. As I’ve said before in sermons, if you think little Buddhas or icons are your only worry with regards to this commandment, you’re reading it wrong. As we meditate on the sin a little deeper, we move into areas such as attitudes, insecurities, possessions, and whacked out priorities, that gain sinful traction and preeminence in our lives.. . .
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  • 6 Ways to Give Your Child Creative Space

    Giving Your Children Space

    Individuality in Your Children In the beginning God created a vast universe of colorful planets and stars floating and spinning (or just floating but sometimes falling) in a sea of exquisite blackness. Then He made adult human beings and gave them all that space to enjoy, play in, shape, cultivate, and care for. We were made for this enterprise. That means that our children were made for this too. Children will claim space naturally. Before you know it, they have pinned something to the wall in their bedroom or have staked out a shelf in your garage. They will arrange,. . .
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  • The Main Thing: What is a Woman’s Calling?


    What is the Main Thing for a woman? What is our main calling? Join Kara as she talks about some very specific things that women should be focusing on as our special and important calling. If you would like to submit your questions for Kara, you may do that on our contact form HERE.

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