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  • Acting Like the Church


    Does Socialism Ever Work? Years ago, during a job interview — strangely enough, for a job at Chilis — even stranger, I was asked if the tenets of socialism would ever work. I replied that it would work only in a purely voluntary context as in the days of the early church where in Acts we hear of those in the church with more giving eagerly to those with less and a sharing of all things. In this context, and especially when taken within a purely Christian context man is still faced with the reality that God is ultimately the. . .
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  • Scary Witches

    Scary Witches

    The Evil of Witchcraft Witches are real, and witches are evil. To be sure, while warts, brooms and cauldrons are also real the caricature that brings them all together is rather far from the truth. God, in His infinite wisdom, told His people Israel not to suffer a witch to live (Exodus 22:18). Our fathers the Puritans followed the same perspective. They rightly saw witchcraft as a great evil. They, in accordance with their times, saw it also as a capital offense. Neither of these, however, is the source of the great horror of the Salem Witch Trials. The Folly. . .
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  • The Age of Accountability & the Faith of Your Children

    Age of Accountability

    Real Life Brings Questions of the Age of Accountability Serving as a pastor for five years I had to counsel grieving parents at the loss of a child while yet in the womb. I have Christian friends who have had young children die and a precious friend with a child who (it appears to our finite minds) is unable to understand much of what is said to her. I am a father of eleven covenant blessings in our home, but two of our children never made it to our home. One died after about sixteen weeks in the womb, the. . .
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  • If the Constitution is a Living Document It’s Really a Dead Document

    If the Constitution is a Living Document It's Really a Dead Document

    A Living Document Might Say Anything A lot of us have complained about the blatant disregard shown by the courts for the Constitution. We read daily of the latest abuses. Protection for abortion was somehow found in the text along with support for welfarism, world-wide militarism, and for a never-ending drug war. Those who have read the founding documents are astonished at each breach of hermeneutical etiquette as the court’s decisions grow ever distant from the original intent of the authors. It seems to me however, that the abuses of language, text, and intent by the courts are all presaged,. . .
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