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  • Are You a Yes Dad or a No Dad?

    I have spent no small amount of time over the last few years dissecting my parenting decisions when my children were younger, and personally flogging myself for the mistakes that I now see very clearly. I’m sure that many of you do this from time to time. In my case, it seems to have become one of my favorite hobbies. It causes a lot of wear and tear on the self-image, but it’s a lot cheaper than golf. When you realize a mistake in your parenting philosophy or practice, after you confess it and repent to God and your children,. . .
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  • When Mom is Sick

    How can a Christian family deal with it when mom is chronically ill? How can you still be a helpmeet to your husband when you can’t physically do the things you want to do? What are the benefits for the children in a household where mom is unwell? Join Steve & Kara for a candid discussion about their experience with extended illness.

  • When Trauma Hits Close to Home

    Wrapped in a white cloth with only his blood-covered face visible, my older brother Rich lay unconscious in the hospital bed. Wires and tubes protruded from under the cloth, making it almost impossible to identify him. “Is this Rich?” asked the neurosurgeon, standing in the doorway behind us. “That’s him, alright,” said my Dad. Looking down at my eighteen-year-old brother, I wondered how my Dad could be so sure. The blood and gashes marring his face made him look like someone else. “OK,” said the doctor, “we’re going to take him into surgery now that you’ve identified him. We’ll show. . .
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  • Watering Your Child’s Talents without Sinking the Family Ship

    How can you foster your kids’ talents and give them opportunities to grow? How can you evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of having one or more children involved in lessons, choirs, arts, athletics, etc? What are some options to reduce the drawbacks on the rest of the family while still encouraging your child’s talents? Steve and Kara Murphy welcome their son Matthew into the conversation on this one.

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