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  • The Cure for Ingratitude


    What We Need My in-laws have just completed the long and painful renovation of their home in anticipation of selling it and moving closer to their nine grandchildren in Bristol, Virginia. In doing so they were in constant communication with their realtor who was advising them on paint colors and features that she knew her buyers were looking for. Of course, the whims of buyers are constantly changing but not as much as since the advent of HGTV. Home and Garden television (mostly home) is the cable channel dedicated to inflaming the lusts of each and every American woman. Features. . .
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  • Grab a 6-Pack of Movies When You Join the Club Today!


    JOIN the CLUB Now & Bring Home a 6-Pack of Movies! LIMITED TIME—October 8-19 When you join the YOU GET EVERYTHING Club you get every resource we produce while you are a member! Join by October 19 and you also get a 6-pack of movies produced by Colin Gunn! Colin’s excellent documentary films challenge our thinking on important cultural issues: HEALTHCARE EDUCATION MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY ROLES of MEN & WOMEN HOMOSEXUALITY Part of living the good life is being able to recognize the bad when we see it. Our culture is deeply confused in many areas. Gunn explores the nuts. . .
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  • Getting Rest

    Mother resting with her baby.

    One of the hardest things for a mother to do is get enough rest. Kara & Steve talk about the necessity of rest & some practical ways to make sure you are (or your wife is) getting enough.

  • We are Making History


    Experiencing Old Culture Having just recently returned from a trip to Europe I am finding that everything they say about international jet-lag is true. Well, maybe it’s not just getting used to the time adjustment as much as all those croissants. Yes, the food was great, the coffee was excellent, but the big takeaway was the history of buildings, cemeteries, streets, and statues. Any American is immediately aware of the fact that they are visiting in the Old World having traveled from the New. You are surrounded by manifestations of older culture. Here is where the “Melting Pot” of American. . .
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