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  • Seeing God in All Things


    Enjoying God’s Gifts God has given us good things in the world and not only for their base use. Food is a gift that serves our needs far more than for basic survival. We have food in all its varieties, colors, and flavors to see that God is good and gives us good things. The sun does many things for us, but to only see the thing in the sky that provides light is to only see the sun. The sun is bright, large, and powerful, for us to see the majesty and glory of the Triune God. God gives us. . .
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  • Don’t Let Food Rule Your Household!

    Woman in apron, preparing healthy meal.

    How can you keep food from becoming a battleground in your home? How do we responsibly care for our bodies, while keeping food from becoming overly important in our households? How can you deal with children who are picky eaters? How can you make big dietary changes when you have kids in the household? What about doing hospitality when so many people have food sensitivities? Can the relationship to food in your home set your daughters up for eating disorders? There is a tendency in our culture to turn food and diet into an idol. Healthy food can become an. . .
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  • Don’t Be Stupid {A Girl’s Guide to the Good Life}


    Crooked Perspective Christian women often have a hard time gaining a firm footing in life. Young girls want more freedom, like their friends. Single girls want Prince Charming, like in the movies. Married women want children, or more children, or grown up children because toddlers are exhausting, or to reverse time to when their kids were babies again because it all went too fast. Working women may want to stay home while stay-at-home moms see their lives as tedious. We too often grasp after circumstances to steady our stance when we should pursue righteousness in everything and leave the circumstances. . .
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  • Giving Spiritual Instruction to Your Kids


    Giving spiritual instruction to your children is a parent’s responsibility. How does the atmosphere of your home help or hinder this? Can this kind of atmosphere be planned or manufactured? What kind of tools can be used for spiritual instruction? What place do storybooks, catechisms, and memorization have? How can we teach our children to apply what they are learning to the life they are living? How can we help our children seek and find biblical answers to their questions? Join Steve and Kara as they talk about spiritual instruction within the family.

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