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  • Tell Your Kids the Christmas Story . . . Then Celebrate It!


    Telling the Christmas Story Christmas is an event so wonderful and important that time and history are kept according to Jesus’ arrival. This is a story that must be told annually. American Christians are in a unique position because we simultaneously have a cultural and religious holiday mixed together, and we end up with manger scenes that have either Santa Claus flying overhead or Santa bowing down at the manger in worship of Christ. Certainly if the historical Saint Nicholas had been present at the birth of Christ, he would bowed before Christ, but Santa Claus bowing seems rather strange. . .
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  • Parenting Older Children


    How can you help your children move through different stages of life? Do you need to think about a longterm plan when your kids are still young? How do you know when your kids are ready to be released from being parented like a child? What should your relationship with your kids be like after they leave the home and get married?

  • Personal Rituals & Doing What Matters


    First I take the cream out of the fridge and pour a half cup into the bowl on the stove top next to the pot where the steel-cut oats will cook. This is so that the bowl and the cream will be warm after the oats are done. Walnuts, raisins, nutmeg, and cinnamon are also added to the cream (or sometimes eggnog instead of cream). The coffee beans are then ground and the French Press is also strategically place on the stove near the kettle and the small pot of oatmeal so that it too might be pre-warmed. Soon the. . .
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  • How to Deal with Difficult Family at the Holidays


    How do you deal with difficult family during the holidays? Why is this more difficult than dealing with other people we have disagreements with? How can you be prepared to be a peacemaker and to speak the truth in love when your family makes unpleasant comments about your parenting or family? How can you rise above emotional reactions and learn to respond graciously to unkind words?

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